Ferrari SF-24 Evolution Unveiled at Fiorano Test

Ferrari SF-24 Evolution Unveiled at Fiorano Test


Discover the Ferrari SF-24’s latest upgrades focusing on redesigned sidepods during its Fiorano test.

Ferrari has put its evolved SF-24 through its paces at Fiorano as part of a promotional run, to conduct a shakedown of this significant first update to the 2024 car. From the first images we have received (see video below), some clear differences can already be observed.

The sidepods are obviously the most altered area on the Ferrari. The area around the air intakes has evolved, with the integration of the intakes under the bodywork. This adopts the idea from Red Bull this year, with an opening reduced to its simplest form.

This is not the case with Ferrari, where the SF-24 maintains larger air intakes, but these now incorporate a covering part above. The vertical air intake on the side of the cockpit has also been modified to connect with the main air intake.

The shape of the sidepod changes, with a less pronounced bulging section. This allows more air flow under the sidepod towards the rear suspension, and the floor has been accordingly modified.

The engine cover also evolves to adapt the cooling to the modifications of the sidepod. Thus, the cover receives completely revised vents, and the rear of the car slightly changes shape at the level of cannon cooling.

We will learn more about the full evolutions of the car at the next race of the season, next weekend at Imola. Ferrari will bring a more detailed list of its aerodynamic upgrades there.

Ferrari SF-24 Evolution Unveiled at Fiorano Test

Ferrari SF-24 Evolution Unveiled at Fiorano Test. Ferrari SF-24 Evolution Unveiled at Fiorano Test

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