Albon Eyes 2026 Amid F1 Transfer Market Moves

Albon Eyes 2026 Amid F1 Transfer Market Moves


Albon prepares for 2026, positioning himself strategically in the F1 transfer market as the grid shapes up.

Alex Albon explained that Nico Hulkenberg’s transfer to Sauber was somewhat of a catalyst in this season’s driver market, potentially leading to major decisions for the entire grid “in the coming weeks”… decisions that could affect him for 2026.

It was announced before the Miami Grand Prix that Hülkenberg would join Stake F1 / Sauber next season as part of a multi-year deal to prepare for their transition to Audi F1 in 2026.

Sauber Team Representative Alessandro Alunni Bravi has clearly indicated that the team is also considering Carlos Sainz to fill its second seat next season. However, with 10 spots still open on the grid, Albon explained that driver managers are arriving at races earlier this year to make their cases.

For this reason, he believes the entire lineup for next season could be decided in just a few weeks, with contracts needing to be settled from top to bottom of the grid.

“Everything is moving early, everything is moving very fast,” says Albon.

“Obviously, Nico just pulled the trigger at Sauber and I’m sure the second will follow soon.”

Albon admits he is also concerned even though he has a contract with Williams for 2025.

“My focus is also on where I will go, not so much for next year, but the year after. By focusing on this aspect of things, these next few weeks will also be decisive for 2026. So, I am also a player in the market as teams want to have their 2026 duo in place as early as 2025, as much as possible.”

Does this mean his contract could be broken? Some rumors suggest an Albon-Sainz duo desired by the Thai faction of Red Bull, in case Verstappen leaves.

“No comment on ongoing discussions,” responds Albon.

“But it’s crazy because I think it’s new for everyone, not just for me, to have to lock down their future so quickly. So yes, there is a bit more work. We see a lot more managers walking around the paddock at this time of year!”

Albon Eyes 2026 Amid F1 Transfer Market Moves

Albon Eyes 2026 Amid F1 Transfer Market Moves. Albon Eyes 2026 Amid F1 Transfer Market Moves

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