Ferrari Bahrain Qualifying Strategy F1 2024

Vasseur Cautious Ahead of Bahrain Qualifying


As Bahrain’s qualifying looms, Ferrari’s Vasseur remains guarded, emphasizing the new F1 car’s improved foundation for development.

In Bahrain, Fred Vasseur is currently withholding any conclusions from the lap times set this Thursday during the first two free practice sessions, the Scuderia Ferrari boss believes that the answers will come today with the qualifying session.

One thing is certain, according to the Frenchman: the new prancing horse F1 car provides a much better feeling for its drivers than its predecessor and it is a more solid foundation for development.

“I’m not sure about competitiveness, and we’ll probably see in qualifying because with 10 kilograms more fuel, you can go from first to sixth or seventh, so we’ll know where we all stand today. But at least, we’re in a much better position in terms of balance, driver feedback, etc. It’s a much better starting point for developing the car for the season, to understand where we need to work and develop the car, and it’s a good feeling.”

Vasseur Reflects on Year at Ferrari Helm

It’s been a year since Vasseur took the helm at Scuderia, but there’s still much to learn for the 55-year-old.

“You certainly get a better understanding of the team after twelve months, the people around you, you develop relationships over a season. I think we made progress last year, but it was also time for me to understand.”

“Every team is different in its approach, in its culture, in its system, etc. So, I had a hard time getting everything during the first 12 months, and I’m not sure I’ve got it all figured out yet. It’s a good thing that last year went rather well, there were improvements. And we’re starting off in better shape today.”

“My main task last year was to try not to overreact, not to have too high or too low expectations after a bad result. And we need to remain calm under all circumstances. This is even more true with a Latin team.”

“We need to keep the same approach under all circumstances. There will be ups and downs throughout the season, for sure, as every year. And we need to maintain the same approach, the same focus, and not react too positively or too negatively.”

Ferrari Bahrain Qualifying Strategy F1 2024. Ferrari Bahrain Qualifying Strategy F1 2024


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