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Alonso Eyes New Aston Martin F1 Deal Beyond 2024


Fernando Alonso signals plans for a new contract with Aston Martin, aiming to extend his Formula 1 journey past the current season, fueled by a year of success.

Fernando Alonso has clearly indicated his intention to negotiate a new contract with Aston Martin F1 to continue in Formula 1 beyond this season.

After returning to F1 with Alpine for 2021 and 2022, the 42-year-old double world champion moved to Aston Martin last year.

The final season of his current contract is 2024.

“The incredible year I’ve just had with Aston Martin, the podiums, the celebrations, the champagne, the joy, has been a reset in terms of motivation and desire.”

But he added that even racing with Alpine, with less success, was better than not racing in F1 at all.

“I came back because I thought I was in a good moment in terms of driving and I felt lost at home. 2023 was then somewhat a justification for my return and in 2024 or 2025 I see myself with the same strength, desire, energy, and optimism.”

“I haven’t done anything else in my life, I haven’t loved anything else in my life, and I haven’t felt as comfortable in anything other than motorsport. This is me, where I feel good and where I think I do best.”

“Whenever I’m not in the car, I’m waiting to be in the car.”

Alonso says he even appreciates F1 more in the second phase of his career compared to when he experienced most of his success in his youth.

“I was 24 and 25 years old and always thinking about the next race and the next thing. I don’t have as many memories as I should, so I would tell my younger self to dial down the intensity a bit, enjoy the present moment, and think about the next challenge.”

He revealed that his former Renault teammate, Giancarlo Fisichella, was the closest thing he had to a friend in F1 during his first career. And today he gets along very well with Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen.

“Max and Checo are two drivers you can trust on the track. Max had more incidents and was a bit crazier in his early days with more problems, but I think we are very similar. We like similar things.”

“There aren’t many friendships in F1, but we compete with respect. We love the sport more than the show. We come to the track with team outfits and a backpack, we race, and then on Sunday we leave with the backpack. We like the simple things. When we have free time, we go somewhere to drive a car.”

“That’s what I appreciate most about Max and he hasn’t changed despite the titles.”

Regarding his icy relationship with Lewis Hamilton, which he just criticized for his paddock attire, he admits that much of it now belongs to the past—like when they were teammates at McLaren in 2007 and clashed.

“I think there’s now a different type of rivalry with Lewis. I don’t think we’ll be friends in the future, and I don’t think we share much, but in 2007, the rivalry was at its highest level.”

“I would arrive at the team meeting and start to notice this friction, this tension. I would see his telemetry and onboard cameras and see that the car had little front grip, but when he (Hamilton) spoke, he would complain about the rear instead.”

“We were young and immature—me first—but we also had a boss who didn’t know how to manage the situation,” Alonso adds, referring to Ron Dennis.

“What happened will remain locked away, and I’ve erased many other things from my mind, but I don’t think at all that this would have happened with Flavio Briatore or Lawrence Stroll.”

“There are certain characters in F1 who are respected, while there are others where the drivers have a bit too much control over the situation. No one seriously warned us about what was happening.”

And today, Alonso asserts that the particular rivalry with Hamilton still exists.

“Every time we overtake each other, it’s an additional satisfaction. And the pain when it’s him overtaking you. I think we will always have that between us.”

For seasoned F1 observers, Alonso is clearly more mature but just as clearly still popular—and thus a new deal with Aston Martin for 2025 now seems almost inevitable.

“F1 is gaining popularity every year, we have more and more young people following the sport, the circuits are full, we have a record schedule. It’s like the crest of the wave and I don’t want to watch it from my couch, I want to see it from here.”

“I don’t know if in 2024 I’ll keep my 2023 smile.”

“Results are always necessary. But what’s clear is that the team is motivated and hungry for victories.”

“It’s young, there’s enthusiasm, and a different attitude towards racing.”

Fernando Alonso Sets Sights on New Aston Martin Contract. Fernando Alonso Sets Sights on New Aston Martin Contract

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