F1 s Newey Drama Cardile Fallows in Role Reversal

Newey in F1 Shuffle: Moves at Ferrari, Aston Martin?


Adrian Newey is at the heart of an F1 reshuffle, with Cardile potentially moving to Aston Martin and Fallows facing demotion.

What will be Adrian Newey’s next destination? Ferrari? Aston Martin F1? The beach? For now, the most famous F1 engineer remains silent.

Newey’s future could also be tied to that of Enrico Cardile. The current technical director of Ferrari, according to several sources in Italy, is rumored to be moving to Aston Martin F1.

He would replace Dan Fallows, the technical director of Aston Martin F1 (himself a former deputy of Newey at Red Bull). Fallows, given Aston Martin’s recent lack of performance, would be demoted to number two in the technical leadership.

Cardile’s departure for Aston Martin F1 would logically free up a spot for a top-tier figure like Newey. He could join Ferrari either as technical director or in a consultant role, as he is currently at Red Bull.

All this, of course, should be taken with a grain of salt.

In short, the musical chairs game involves not only the drivers but also the engineers in F1, and 2024 is no exception!

Regardless, Adrian’s wife, Amanda Newey, posted a humorous message on social media, poking fun at the rumors. An image showing Adrian with a beer and the caption: “Adrian told you he was tired and needed a vacation!”

Krack is flattered by the Newey rumor

Meanwhile, at Aston Martin F1, there is still hope of signing Adrian Newey, of course.

Mike Krack, the boss of Aston Martin F1, opened up on this topic. What could persuade Newey to sign with the Silverstone team?

“Well, with this experience, all these track results, I think Newey is an added value for any team.”

“It’s undeniable, and it’s also why we’ve been talking about it for so many months already, because there’s certainly a quality and exceptional capabilities an addition for any team signing Newey.”

Mike Krack is flattered to see Aston Martin F1 mentioned as one of Newey’s possible destinations…

“We are really very flattered to be mentioned, to be in the race with Ferrari on this matter. You know, a few years ago, this was unthinkable.”

“It shows how much this project has evolved and also, for me, the most important thing, it shows that the project is credible, the media considers it credible, people highly recognized for their technical skills consider it credible.”

“So yes, congratulations are due to all those who have created this project and are moving it forward.”

Among these highly placed individuals, is Adrian Newey on the list? We will know no more…

Krack seeks to reassure Alonso

Fernando Alonso recently hinted that names were circulating for joining Aston Martin F1… without saying more.

Meanwhile, the Spaniard is eager to see Aston Martin F1’s results improve. After the Grand Prix in Barcelona, he made a pointed comment in the press, hoping his team “talks less and performs more.”

The AMR24 indeed appears reluctant, especially in long turns and when changing direction quickly in curves.

Mike Krack is aware of these issues: the boss is therefore calling on Fernando Alonso to be patient, as Aston Martin F1 is working…

“One of the problems you face right now is you don’t have time. You now have five races in six weeks.”

“We have understood the car much better after Monaco, Imola, and Canada, where we scored 14 points with the same car, but it’s about addressing all our problems. We don’t have the time. That’s the main issue right now.”

“So we need to hang on, make the most of the car each weekend and bring these parts as quickly as possible.”

Aston Martin F1 is currently losing the development race, but can we trust in the next upgrades? According to Fernando Alonso, yes, especially from Hungary.

Mike Krack thinks so too…

“I share his optimism. What I’ve seen is encouraging.”

“We clearly have a better understanding than before. That’s also what gives us confidence for the future.”

“We will continue to bring parts as soon as they are ready, starting with the next races. So we shouldn’t focus only on Budapest [contrary to what Alonso wants, ed.], but we should really try to improve as quickly as possible.”

As for Lawrence Stroll’s patience, is it beginning to wear thin according to the Luxembourger? Isn’t he very demanding?

“Yes, but he also knows very well how Formula 1 works.”

“Even if he is not patient, he knows that manufacturing parts takes time. So he is aware of everything and it’s now up to us to deliver.”

F1's Newey Drama: Cardile, Fallows in Role Reversal?

F1’s Newey Drama: Cardile, Fallows in Role Reversal? F1’s Newey Drama: Cardile, Fallows in Role Reversal?

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