F1 Teams Collaborate with FIA on 2026 Regulations

F1 Teams Applaud Joint Efforts with FIA for 2026 Regulations


Formula 1 teams are working closely with the FIA to shape the 2026 technical regulations, ensuring a strategic collaboration.

With two and a half months remaining to finalize the Formula 1 Technical Regulations for 2026, teams continue to provide feedback on the FIA’s proposals for future race cars. Andrea Stella, McLaren F1’s director, is pleased with the collaboration between the authorities and the teams in creating this new regulatory framework.

“We are happy that the level of collaboration is intense among the teams and with the FIA,” Stella commends. “I think when you are studying new regulations, it’s normal to have some ideas, to conduct trials, to want to validate them properly.”

“So far, we are satisfied. As we’ve said before, it’s important that the regulations are clear to avoid unintended consequences, as has been the case to some extent with this generation of cars.”

“We haven’t talked about problems, but rather challenges, yet for example, porpoising has been a real headache, including in real terms for the drivers, not just for the engineers. We are very satisfied with the work done so far. Good collaboration is ongoing.”

“There’s still a bit of time before we get to the first version of the regulation. And I also think some clarifications will be made later. So, there’s still a bit of time, but it is clear that it’s important for us to converge quickly, as the month-and-a-half deadline can come around quite quickly.”

Christian Horner, the head of Red Bull, underscores the significance of the challenge presented by the new regulation, but he too appreciates the collaboration that makes it possible: “It’s a massive change for 2026. It’s somewhat unprecedented to change both the chassis and the engine at the same time.”

“So, of course, there are unknown factors. But the FIA has done a lot of work. It has collaborated with the teams. A year or two ago, we raised our voices about some issues, which were listened to and addressed. I would say, therefore, that solid progress has been made.”

“It’s a blank slate, completely blank, for all aspects of the formula. It will therefore be fascinating to see how the engineers interpret the different regulations, and 2026 could be very different.”

F1 Teams Collaborate with FIA on 2026 Regulations

F1 Teams Collaborate with FIA on 2026 Regulations. F1 Teams Collaborate with FIA on 2026 Regulations

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