F1 Preseason Tests 2024

Mercedes Copy Leads, Ferrari Close Behind


The 2024 Formula 1 preseason tests have unveiled a wealth of valuable insights, exposing the potential strengths and weaknesses of the teams and their drivers ahead of the season opener at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Analyzing the fastest lap times and the total number of laps completed by each team and driver offers a fascinating glimpse into what we might expect this year. After my colleagues have presented their analyses, I embark on my own exploration, delving into the nuanced dynamics of the Formula 1 season.

Mercedes Copy – Red Bull Maintains Lead with Caution

Despite a seemingly reserved display of their performance, Red Bull continues to set the benchmark, with Max Verstappen expressing satisfaction that reflects confidence in his team’s ability to keep their lead. The conservative approach taken during the tests likely conceals a potential for improvement that the team is saving for the upcoming races.

RB20’s Bold Evolution Shakes F1 Landscape

The RB20, far from adopting Mercedes’ “zero sidepod” strategy, marks a bold evolution for Red Bull. Featuring major innovations, especially in air management and sidepod design, this single-seater promises to enhance the team’s competitiveness. With an approach that blends aerodynamic finesse and sharp engineering, the RB20 showcases strategic development and foresight that could well unsettle its F1 rivals.

Ferrari Takes Pole Position

Ferrari appears to have taken the lead in these tests, with Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc setting the fastest times respectively. The SF-24 emerges as a serious challenger to Red Bull, with a pace difference estimated between three to four-tenths of a second. Improved handling and predictability of the car indicate a more effective approach to tire management and a potential boost in race performance.

Ferrari Surpasses Red Bull in Tests

In the Bahrain F1 tests, Ferrari shone in race simulation, promisingly comparing to Red Bull. Sainz’s results, surpassing those of Red Bull’s Pérez, hint at a Ferrari edge, not just in lap times but also in tire management, a previous season’s sore point now seemingly resolved. This improvement marks a turning point for Ferrari, highlighting remarkable consistency and reduced degradation, key advantages for the competition. Fred Vasseur, Ferrari’s team principal, banks on this reliability and the improvement felt by his drivers, while cautiously approaching direct comparisons with Red Bull. The true extent of this progress will be unveiled at the upcoming Grand Prix, maintaining suspense over the real distribution of power.

Mercedes Builds on Solid Foundations

Mercedes emerges from these tests with cautious optimism, highlighting tangible progress and a solid foundation for future development. Adjustments in suspension and mechanical platform seem to have rectified last year’s handling issues, restoring confidence in the drivers and team’s ability to advance.

Mercedes Unveils Game-Changing Suspension Innovation

Mercedes revolutionizes with a front suspension trick during the Bahrain winter tests, altering the placement of the rear arm to optimize the W15’s performance. This innovation is part of a quest for aerodynamic balance, allowing precise adjustments against the anti-dive effect. It’s a strategy that adds to Mercedes’ technical arsenal, already known for its innovative adjustments. Despite facing rebound challenges, the W15 now benefits from unprecedented flexibility in suspension settings, promising tailor-made adaptations to various circuits. This bold move by Mercedes could well redefine F1 performance, showcasing a perfect blend of mechanical engineering and aerodynamic finesse.

McLaren and Aston Martin Lag Behind

Despite promising moments, McLaren and Aston Martin have not shown they can immediately threaten the dominance of Ferrari and Red Bull. Technical issues for McLaren and inconsistent performances for Aston Martin suggest there is work to be done to compete with the leaders.

Disappointment for Alpine

Alpine emerges as the main disappointment from these tests, finding itself in the back group despite significant expectations. The need for rapid development of the car to enhance its performance is evident, yet the journey to competitive levels appears long.

VCARB 01: More Than Just a Red Bull Copy

The RB team, despite its uninspired name, has shown competence and optimism. With solid performances and a car that appears to perform well on track, the team could surprise in the early races of the season.

VCARB 01: Red Bull Synergy Elevates Performance

Faenza’s latest creation, echoing Toro Rosso and resulting from an intensified collaboration with Red Bull, innovates with the adoption of a “pullrod” front suspension, inherited from the RB19. This technical choice, aimed at lowering the center of gravity and enhancing aerodynamic management, promises a more stable and confident driving experience. The VCARB 01 also stands out with its inspired design, blending Red Bull influences and unique features, foreshadowing greater synergy between the teams. This technical and strategic convergence, despite controversies, marks a key step towards boosting performance and optimizing resources within the Red Bull group.

Haas: A Reversed Approach

Haas has taken a unique approach by focusing on tire management and gathering valuable data for the development of the VF-24. While their qualifying pace remains an unknown, the team is optimistic about solving its chronic issues from 2023.

The 2024 F1 preseason tests have highlighted the competitive potential of each team, while also pointing out areas requiring special attention. Ferrari and Red Bull stand out as favorites, but Mercedes shows signs of significant progress. The performances of McLaren, Aston Martin, and Alpine will be crucial to their ambitions this season, while teams like RB and Haas could prove to be dark horses. The upcoming season promises to be thrilling, with tight battles throughout the field.

F1 Preseason Tests 2024. F1 Preseason Tests 2024

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