F1 Denies Andretti's Bid Amid Concorde Talks

Domenicali Stands Firm on Andretti’s F1 Entry


Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali upholds FOM’s decision against Andretti joining as the 11th team, linking it to Concorde Agreement considerations.

Last month, FOM announced its decision to turn down Andretti’s entry. Formula 1 argued that the Andretti brand lacked sufficient recognition, questioned its potential competitiveness, and stated that the benefits of adding an 11th team were not convincing.

F1 Andretti Bid Linked to Concorde

Domenicali recently confirmed that “the issue of introducing an 11th team is definitely linked to the Concorde Agreement” among the teams, Formula 1, and the FIA—the latter having approved Andretti’s application in October last year.

“It’s about collaborative work that needs to be done between the FIA and FOM regarding the various assessments we have to make.”

“As for what happened, I believe the process was adhered to, and we presented the outcome in the right manner.”

“Looking ahead, it’s certainly a matter for discussion, of course with the teams, involving the right commercial and technical proposals that will be accordingly debated over the course of this year.”

F1: Concorde Agreement Renewal Approaches

The current Concorde Agreement is set to expire at the end of next year. Domenicali anticipates that the upcoming negotiations among the involved parties will be straightforward.

“We plan to start discussions on renewing the Concorde Agreement with the teams very, very soon. Our viewpoint, essentially shared with the teams, is that, fundamentally, the Concorde Agreements will not require significant changes this time.”

“So, we’re going to begin very, very soon. Our priority was to finalize them before the end of the season, addressing regulations and other matters that need to be resolved first. So yes, we are approaching the time when we will start this discussion, very, very soon.”

2024 F1 Denies Andretti’s Bid. F1 2024 F1 Denies Andretti’s Bid


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