Childish Horner Hits Jos, Wolff Amid Rising Tension

Horner Strikes Back: Red Bull Tension Escalates


Attacked from all sides, a ‘childish’ Horner hits back at Jos Verstappen and Wolff, escalating the tension at Red Bull. The rivalry intensifies as tempers flare.

Present at the FIA press conference this afternoon in Austria, Christian Horner had to respond to comments from Jos Verstappen and Toto Wolff.

The Red Bull team principal was allegedly involved in preventing Jos, Max’s father, from participating in the Austrian Grand Prix Legends Parade (read here).

When questioned about the allegations, Horner quickly denied having or using a “veto” to prevent Jos from participating.

However, Jos Verstappen confirmed to the media that Horner had indeed blocked him: “How can someone be so childish? There was supposed to be filming, for example with a drone, but Horner didn’t want me to be filmed.”

“I am completely done with Horner. It’s like a kindergarten here. I would have been allowed to drive at the end, but I backed out. I find Horner’s behavior very childish, but I think it speaks volumes about him.”

And then Jos Verstappen went to Mercedes F1 to make a meaningful photo for the photographers (see below)! Toto Wolff added to it by saying that he would wait for Max Verstappen because “things are always happening at Red Bull.”

“No decision has been made regarding the second driver. I said we wanted to keep this decision as long as possible, because who knows? Who knows what will happen?”

In response, Horner stated: “Listen, I was informed about the legends parade after the fact. It’s something organized by the circuit. There was no veto from me or anything like that. And I’m sure the legends will be in action later.”

Despite the distractions and unwarranted noise around Red Bull’s home Grand Prix, Horner emphasized the strength of his relationship with his triple world champion driver, insisting he has never had issues with the fathers of his drivers in the past.

“Well, the relationship with Max has always been very good, very strong. He is a key part of our team, and he’s our driver – it’s crucial to have a solid relationship with him.”

“I have never had an issue with any of our drivers’ fathers in the past, and whatever Jos’s issues are, I really have nothing to comment on.”

Mercedes F1 wants a Verstappen? Jos is available!

And Horner transitioned to Wolff with a hefty dose of irony that will surely amuse Jos and Toto.

“If he wants a Verstappen for next year, then I suppose Jos is potentially available!”

Why does Wolff keep up the pressure to get Max despite the clarification given by the Dutchman on Thursday?

“That’s a question you should ask Toto. I think Max was pretty clear in what he said during that conference yesterday. He has always been absolutely consistent with the team.”

“This just confirms everything we already know. You know that Max is an important part of our team; he has won all his victories and podiums with us, his three world championships so far, and you know he is a crucial member of the team. He loves being part of the team. He is surrounded by a great group. We know what the future looks like. Obviously, there has been a lot of noise about him going elsewhere. Sometimes you just think it’s a diversion tactic that’s simply thrown out because you have to wonder what the motivations behind it are.”

And Horner also turns to Lewis Hamilton to attack Wolff.

“It’s him, the driver who created all the movement in the market, who had all the information on the engines and the 2026 regulations, etc., and who chose to leave and left a vacancy at Mercedes, which is why there is now obviously some speculation about who will fill that seat, but it won’t be Max Verstappen.”

All this still seems to unsettle Red Bull and the team’s atmosphere…

“What interests me is the team’s performance. We have a great team. We have great drivers, with Max, we have the best driver in the world. He came to our team when he was young, and he has grown in stature.”

“He has grown as a driver and as a human being. And I think the way he behaves, the way he works with the team is exceptional. And that’s what interests me the most.”

“It’s about the team’s performance. It’s about how the team functions. And of course, we have had huge success. Despite this year’s distractions, we have still won 70% of the races, including two sprint races and seven pole positions. We are leading both world championships.”

“So yes, you can’t control everything in life. I can’t control the relationships with the drivers’ fathers. But I focus on the performance of our drivers, the performance of our team. That’s where all the focus needs to be.”

Childish Horner Hits Jos, Wolff Amid Rising Tension. Childish Horner Hits Jos, Wolff Amid Rising Tension


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