Bottas Long F1 Career

Bottas Eyes Long F1 Career Like Alonso’s Ambition


Valtteri Bottas aspires for a prolonged Formula 1 stint, mirroring Fernando Alonso’s tenure, aiming for success at the forefront.

Valtteri Bottas would not be opposed to having a Formula 1 career as lengthy as Fernando Alonso’s. The Stake F1 driver believes it is possible, yet it would require him to remain until the early 2030s, and he’s aware that he’d like to do it closer to the front of the pack.

“Twenty seasons… I think it’s feasible,” he told PlanetF1. “I’m not thinking that far ahead yet, but from what I can see, I don’t see the end of my presence in F1. I want to be here for a few more successful years, the goal and motivation now is to try and come back closer to the front in one way or another.”

Bottas Eyes Future with Audi

The Finn still hopes to bounce back next year with many seats becoming available: “I think there could be interesting opportunities because of how the driver contract cycle has now evolved, there are actually quite a few open situations in different teams.”

“I think there will be opportunities, but for now, my priorities are the Audi project and settling in there for the long term. Ideally, as a leader. That’s my biggest goal as far as I can see today, but obviously, things can change.”

Though his commitment is still two years away, Audi will participate in discussions regarding drivers for next season.

“We will eventually talk, but not yet. And of course, Audi will also be involved in the driver duo in the future. They are not deciding now, but people behind me are working on it. It’s not yet the time for those meetings with them on weekends, it will be more in the future, but I hope it won’t be too late.”

“An extra motivation” to bounce back

Even though he knows he must prove himself, Bottas thinks his past also speaks for him: “I hope the people making the decisions will think I don’t need to prove anything. If you look at my track record, if I have the car, they should know what I can do.”

“But it is still an extra motivation, absolutely, to do well because, unfortunately, memory is quite short in this sport for a lot of people. Just one average season and people forget you. So, I want to have a good year.”

Bottas Long F1 Career. Bottas Long F1 Career


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