Ben Sulayem Battles FIA's Malicious Attacks

Ben Sulayem Battles FIA’s “Malicious” Attacks


FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem addresses “malicious” critiques, affirming resilience against efforts to undermine his and the federation’s stability.

FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem has responded to recent criticisms aimed at him, informing organization members he has been the target of “malicious” attacks designed to destabilize both him and the governing body.

He believes that these incidents unfolded with a “clear objective: to target the very heart of our leadership and undermine the foundation of our federation.”

Ben Sulayem made these remarks in a letter to FIA members, excerpts of which were disclosed by the Associated Press.

He noted that the FIA “has fallen victim to malicious leaks of confidential and sensitive information, tarnishing our reputation and raising concerns among our members.”

“Yet, despite these targeted attacks against my character and our organization as a whole, we have emerged stronger and more determined than ever. We recognize that the ultimate goal of these reprehensible acts was to target me and weaken the very essence of the FIA.”

Ben Sulayem was exonerated by an FIA Ethics Committee investigation earlier this week on two counts of misconduct from the previous season.

The committee investigated allegations that he had attempted to influence a penalty issued to Fernando Alonso during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and tried to interfere with the certification of the new Las Vegas Strip circuit.

Hours after the committee’s decision was made public on Wednesday, a new controversy involving the FIA broke out. F1 Academy CEO Susie Wolff announced she had initiated legal action against the federation for its handling of allegations against her and Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff, her husband, last year.

There were also claims that the FIA had been repeatedly informed of allegations against Red Bull team principal Christian Horner. The team’s owners conducted an investigation into Horner, which cleared him, but it is now subject to an appeal.

In his letter, Ben Sulayem concluded by affirming his commitment to “an environment of transparency, accountability, and unwavering integrity within the FIA.”

Ben Sulayem Battles FIA’s “Malicious” Attacks. Ben Sulayem Battles FIA’s “Malicious” Attacks


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