Bearman Haas Ferrari 2025

Marko Urges Ferrari: Place Bearman in Haas for 2025


Dr. Helmut Marko recommends Ferrari to assign Oliver Bearman to Haas F1 in 2025, highlighting his impressive debut.

Frédéric Vasseur, team principal at Ferrari, acknowledged after the 18-year-old driver’s race to seventh place in Saudi Arabia that a full-time debut for Bearman with Haas F1 next year is “a possibility.”

Marko, a Red Bull F1 consultant, hailed Bearman’s performance last weekend as “sensational.”

“Making an F1 debut on a track like Jeddah, with limited free practice, was truly powerful. At times, he was nearly on par with Charles Leclerc.”

“But what is Ferrari doing? They are buying the expensive (Lewis) Hamilton, Leclerc has a long-term contract, and now Bearman is showing great talent.”

“If I were Fred Vasseur, I would immediately find Bearman a position in another team – I don’t know, with Haas F1, for example.”

Bearman’s Potential Move to Haas

Ferrari’s other client, Stake F1, is indeed not a long-term option since the team operated by Sauber will become Audi by 2026.

Haas F1 is not only powered by Ferrari customer engines, but the small American team also purchases several components from the Italian squad and even has a technical base on Maranello’s grounds.

Marko admitted that Ferrari might need to lower the bill in exchange for a spot for Bearman.

“Teams are currently relatively comfortable financially, so they can charge Ferrari a high price.”

Former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher believes it’s crucial that young drivers like Bearman get a chance again, given that no rookie is on the grid this year.

“Sponsors, investors, fathers will no longer believe that the youth will achieve something, even if they support them. We’re talking about large sums of money that must be returned in some way. Eventually, no one will be interested. And I think that’s dangerous.”

Bearman Haas Ferrari 2025. Bearman Haas Ferrari 2025


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