Austrian GP Unforeseen Podium for Russell Piastri Sainz

Russell Triumphs, Piastri and Sainz Secure Podium Spots


Following an action-packed Austrian GP, Russell seizes victory while Piastri and Sainz climb the podium.

Russell capitalised on the clash ahead to ‘take advantage’ of the situation.

The Mercedes F1 driver is delighted to “return to the top step”

George Russell could hardly have asked for more! The Mercedes F1 driver was on track for a solid third place, before a collision between Max Verstappen and Lando Norris catapulted him to the lead, leading to victory. This marked his second career win, and the first this season.

“It’s incredible. It was a tough battle to hold onto third. And then I saw on the screen that Max and Lando were fiercely contesting the win. The team has put everything into being competitive at this level,” said the British driver.

“I can hardly believe I was so close to Lando and Max. One always dreams of such opportunities, and I’m so thrilled to be back on the top step. The team has worked incredibly hard, we’ve made significant progress, the last few races have been remarkable, and there’s more to come.”

Russell acknowledges that he was still trailing behind Red Bull and McLaren, at least those of Verstappen and Norris, but is pleased to have positioned himself to benefit from their mishap.

“There’s no hiding the fact that Red Bull with Max, and McLaren with Lando, are still slightly ahead. But I’ve managed to secure third place in the recent races. And if something happens in front, we can capitalise on it. I’m proud of everyone; it’s a wonderful period for us.”

Is such a result possible at home next Sunday? Russell is unsure: “We’re riding the wave at the moment; the last three races have been fantastic. We could realistically have won in Canada had I not made mistakes. So, I’m delighted to be back on the top step.”

Piastri slightly disappointed despite podium finish: ‘A lot of “what-ifs” since yesterday’.

However, the McLaren F1 driver is pleased with his result.

Oscar Piastri clinched second place at the Austrian Grand Prix, benefiting from a late-race collision between Max Verstappen and Lando Norris. The McLaren F1 driver secured his fourth podium but harbours some regrets.

Indeed, he had set the third fastest time before a penalty for exceeding track limits, which McLaren unsuccessfully contested, relegated him to third place. He acknowledges a tinge of disappointment and admits it’s hard to know what might have happened without the penalty.

“There have been a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘maybes’ since yesterday. It’s my fourth podium in F1, but I was very close to winning. We scored good points, and I’m happy to achieve another podium, but it was very close,” said Piastri, who now aims to shine at Silverstone.

“It will be McLaren’s home Grand Prix. We have fond memories from last year, and we hope to be competitive again. I didn’t see what happened between Lando and Max, but it was tight at the front. It’s a circuit I enjoy and I’m looking forward to it.”

Sainz welcomes a podium after a ‘challenging’ weekend

The Ferrari driver laments the team’s diminished competitiveness

Carlos Sainz clinched an unexpected podium for Ferrari in Austria, having been fifth just a few laps before the end, prior to a clash between the two leaders. The Spanish driver exerted every effort to stay close to George Russell and to contend with Oscar Piastri, as his initial goal was a podium finish.

“It was a lively race up front, but not for us. I was trying to keep up with George; we knew Mercedes had the edge today. I tried, but Oscar caught up towards the end. Finishing third is a good result, one we can be proud of, especially as the weekend was challenging for us,” Sainz stated.

The Scuderia driver is hopeful that his team will return to the forefront after three difficult weekends. The next stop is the British Grand Prix: “These are exciting days for Formula 1, with great battles at the front and plenty of action.”

“Unfortunately for us, we’ve had a few tough races and are no longer fighting for wins, but we are doing everything we can to bounce back at Silverstone and ensure we can compete. Podiums are good news, and we are committed to staying in the fight.”

Austrian GP Unforeseen Podium for Russell Piastri Sainz. f1 2024 Austrian GP Unforeseen Podium for Russell Piastri Sainz


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