Austria Tests Yield New Aero Edge for RB F1

RB F1 Unveils ‘Optimised Aero Package’ After Tests


After rigorous trials in Austria, RB F1 has developed a groundbreaking aerodynamic package.

Daniel Ricciardo hopes to capitalize on the sequence of races to maintain his good momentum. The RB F1 driver will again aim for points this Sunday at Silverstone, where he looks forward to having fun.

“It’s always fun to have three races in three weeks, whether they’re good or bad, it quickly gives you a new opportunity!” Ricciardo exclaims.

“Although it has been tough, we have learned quite a bit in Austria and hope to build on this progress. We are keeping our heads down and intend to fight for points at Silverstone on Sunday.”

“The circuit itself is so much fun, high-speed, with a lot of commitment and always a very lively atmosphere. I hope the English summer allows us to enjoy some sunshine.”

Yuki Tsunoda is regaining confidence after some disappointing results: “I love racing at Silverstone, even though it’s very demanding for the drivers and engineers to find the best settings, with the weather making things even more complicated.”

“After Austria, I feel more confident as we have made progress with the car and at least this weekend, we have three hours of free practice to better understand it. The crowd is amazing, the fans are very kind, they don’t just cheer for the British drivers and they are passionate about motorsport.”

“Regarding the circuit itself, I’m looking forward to driving there; it’s historic, it’s a high-speed race and also, I can’t really say it’s a home circuit, but we have a facility not very far away.”

“This makes it an important race in many ways, so I would like to get a good result. There are great sections to drive, like Maggotts-Becketts, and I also like the long high-speed right turn at Stowe.”

Jody Egginton, the technical director, reveals that the groundwork done in Austria on parts and settings has helped identify the ideal package and sort through the new parts to be used.

“As the final step of a triple header, Silverstone comes very shortly after a very intense Austrian GP weekend for RB F1, but we have learned a lot about our recent aerodynamic updates in Austria.”

“From there, we were able to converge on a unique and optimized aerodynamic package for Silverstone. It’s also good to see the results of these trials directly feed into our aerodynamic development process.”

“I am confident that this will provide a tangible advantage for the upcoming aerodynamic updates planned. Silverstone can be considered a power circuit, with a higher than average full throttle acceleration percentage for the season.”

“With fast and fluid corners combined with high-speed directional changes, aerodynamic performance and efficiency are key parameters. The fast nature of the circuit, including the turns at Copse, Stow, Maggotts, and Becketts, results in high energy for the tires, so controlling slide to keep the tires thermally satisfied is another key requirement.”

Austria Tests Yield New Aero Edge for RB F1

Austria Tests Yield New Aero Edge for RB F1. Austria Tests Yield New Aero Edge for RB F1

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