Audi F1 Confirms Major Gains with 2026 Engine Plans
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Audi F1 Levels Up, Engine for 2026 Matches Rivals


Audi F1 announces notable advancements in its 2026 engine, aligning its performance closely with industry competitors.

Audi F1 has provided updates on its ongoing project, set to debut on the grid in 2026.

The manufacturer has highlighted one area in which it is “on par” with existing teams.

The German manufacturer will take over the Sauber/Stake F1 team and operate its own power units as the sport enters a new era of technical regulations.

With F1 currently operating under a strict budget cap, Audi emphasized that its ability to stay within the $95 million limit for powertrains demonstrates its immediate capacity to match current manufacturers.

“Like all other Formula 1 teams and powertrain manufacturers, we have faced the challenge of organizing ourselves in light of this cap for 2026 and beyond. Everything revolves around efficiency and compliance with the cost cap,” explains Adam Baker, CEO of Audi Formula Racing.

“One advantage was that we were able to start from scratch, so to speak, by creating our own company, Audi Formula Racing GmbH, for the project.”

“We had a clear picture of the structures, systems, processes, and a strong mindset from the start. The subject of finances has a direct impact on performance due to the cost cap.”

“There has never been such a direct link between operational efficiency and sporting success in Formula 1. The fact that we can operate at the limit of the cost cap with the development of power units puts us at the same level as our competitors.”

Audi’s engine project has been operational for over two years, and its initial power unit has already covered numerous simulated race distances on the test bench.

“After just two years, our powertrain, comprising a combustion engine, electric motor, battery, and control electronics, is dynamically functioning on the test bench. The successful assembly of the different components into a single unit is the result of hard work and excellent teamwork.”

“The Audi powertrain has already covered simulated race distances on the test bench. We have gained a lot of testing time with individual components in 2023 and have been able to integrate the experience gained into the next construction steps in parallel. Significant milestones and goals have been achieved, giving the entire team a good feeling.”

The team emphasized that “significant milestones” have been reached as it looks to the next development phase.

“We have implemented a very ambitious modernization and expansion of our test facility,” adds Audi F1’s General Manager Stefan Dreyer.

“We now have 22 state-of-the-art test benches on site.”

“Our new development tools are cutting-edge and have enabled us to face a steep learning curve. Test bench testing under simulated race conditions allows us to gather important insights at this stage of the project.”

“After successful race distances with the powertrain, we will soon do the same with the entire drivetrain system, i.e., the combination of the powertrain and the transmission.”

“At the same time, we are doing everything we can to develop performance to achieve the goals we have set.”

Audi has revealed it has chosen some of the most challenging circuits for its testing, including the new Las Vegas track.

“We operate the powertrain on the test bench with different configurations from the current F1 calendar, depending on the test objective,” says Dreyer.

“Las Vegas, for example, is an interesting track for our development team in terms of overall energy management. Several fast and slow turns alternated and nearly two kilometers of full-throttle driving on the Las Vegas Strip provide the perfect development environment to refine the combustion engine and the components of the Energy Recovery System ERS.”

“Hearing the Audi engine today on tracks like Spielberg, Singapore, or Las Vegas, not only gives goosebumps to all the staff but also gives us the feeling that we are getting closer and closer to our first race in 2026,” concludes Baker.

Audi F1 Confirms Major Gains with 2026 Engine Plans

Audi F1 Confirms Major Gains with 2026 Engine Plans. Audi F1 Confirms Major Gains with 2026 Engine Plans


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