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Aston Martin’s Struggle: 5th on F1 Grid at Bahrain


Aston Martin F1 faces challenges, finishing 9th and 10th at Bahrain GP, with Alonso and Stroll striving for improvement in a competitive field.

Aston Martin F1 is currently the fifth force on the grid, evident as Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll finished ninth and tenth at the Bahrain Grand Prix. The Spaniard admits that his sixth position in qualifying was flattering.

“We weren’t as fast as yesterday, and that put us in an unrealistic sixth place that wasn’t ours. We are the fifth team at the moment, more or less like Abu Dhabi, where we ended 2023. But the season is long, and we will try to close the gap, which will be interesting,” he asserts.

“Last year, we started with a good base, but we weren’t good enough as a team to keep up with the others. This year, we want to manage to be on level in the development race.”

Lance Stroll completes the top 10, scoring a point behind his teammate, but his race could have been much better had he not been sent spinning at the start.

“It was good to come back like that, I was last on the first lap because I got hit at the start. I was 12th, fell to last, and managed to come back to score a point,” Stroll said.

He hopes his team will close in on the four teams ahead: “I think we still need to improve, we finished ninth and tenth, and the teams in front are faster, so we have to progress.”

Aston Martin F1 Bahrain 2024. Aston Martin F1 Bahrain 2024.


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