Alpine's Famin Silent on 2026 Engine Speculation

Famin Refuses Comment on 2026 Alpine F1 Engine Rumours


Famin stays mum on 2026 Alpine F1 engine rumours, expressing satisfaction with the current progress at Viry.

As rumours suggest Alpine F1 might become a customer team in 2026, using another manufacturer’s engine, team director Bruno Famin was inevitably questioned on the matter at a press conference in Barcelona. However, according to the Frenchman, the project for the future power unit is currently proceeding as normal.

“I am quite satisfied with what is being done at Viry. We are working well. We have quite high goals, I think, and for now, we are optimistic about our ability to meet these goals. People have been very focused, now for many months, on this objective. And we are all striving to achieve it.”

“We are on the right track to get our… We know we will encounter problems, which is normal with such a complex project. As for the rumours, we do not comment on them. We owe a lot of respect to everyone working at Viry on this project, and the worst thing to do would be to comment on the rumours.”

Famin was also asked to comment on the 2026 regulations, which did not really generate enthusiasm among the teams when revealed. However, the FIA has indicated that some easing might occur, and the Frenchman trusts the sport’s governing body.

“I think that at the last technical meeting we had with the FIA, they were open to the idea of giving a bit more freedom on the technical side so that teams can develop the car further, with more downforce, etc. I think we are all working together to have the best possible car, the best possible regulations, to have a tight fight. And I am pleased to see that the FIA is very open to the idea of making some changes to the regulations to refine them.”

Famin does not “expect” to see Alpine F1 in the points in Spain

While awaiting news on the engine and the evolution of future regulations, it’s back to the track as the Spanish Grand Prix takes place this weekend in Barcelona. And although the race in Canada was relatively successful with three points scored by Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon, Famin is much less optimistic for this weekend.

“I think the situation is very different here. We have returned to a normal track, if I may say so. In Canada, we were good in execution. The weather conditions were very particular. We were able to seize opportunities, the drivers, Esteban and Pierre, were very good. As was the strategy, the mechanics during pit stops, and we were able to score three points, which is our best result so far.”

“But here, it’s very different. The track is a reference track, let’s say. To be honest, I do not yet expect to come back into the points. We are going to fight for it, that’s for sure. But we have to work. We are working hard to regain performance. But I think it will be a bit difficult here.”

Alpine's Famin Silent on 2026 Engine Speculation

Alpine’s Famin Silent on 2026 Engine Speculation. Alpine’s Famin Silent on 2026 Engine Speculation

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