Alpine F1 Partners with JAAQ on Mental Health

Alpine F1 Partners with JAAQ on Mental Health


Alpine F1 Team collaborates with JAAQ.org to promote mental health awareness, leveraging Formula 1’s global reach during Mental Health Awareness Week.

The new digital platform dedicated to mental health, JAAQ.org, proudly announces its groundbreaking partnership with the BWT Alpine F1 Team. This transformative collaboration embodies the shift in focus on this issue within the motorsport industry and globally. The announcement coincides with the 2024 Mental Health Awareness Week during a global campaign.

Alpine F1 Partners with JAAQ on Mental Health

At its core, JAAQ.org is committed to providing everyone with information on mental health. Through this innovative platform, anyone can connect to find insights from internationally renowned experts, celebrities, athletes, and individuals sharing their experiences on over a hundred topics. The site has already received more than one and a half million questions from visitors from over 143 countries.

The partnership between JAAQ.org and the BWT Alpine F1 Team marks a significant step in supporting mental health in the motorsport world. Drawing on its successful experience in the sports industry, JAAQ.org is ready to transform it by helping address the pressing issues related to mental health in this field.

BWT Alpine F1 Team drivers, Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly, have both shared their stories on the JAAQ.org platform. On JAAQ.org, visitors can now ask them about various topics, including their definition of mental health and how they manage pressure and anxiety.

Alpine Academy member Abbi Pulling also shared her personal journey in motorsport, discussing the challenges she has faced along the way.

The JAAQ logos will appear on the BWT Alpine F1 Team’s A524 cars and the helmets of the pit crew members. This message promoting mental health will be broadcast to millions of viewers worldwide during the Grand Prix events and symbolically embraced by our team’s dedicated crew.

Alpine F1 Partners with JAAQ on Mental Health

JAAQ.org is committed to building a culture of psychological well-being both within the BWT Alpine F1 Team and among its global fans.

Through the impactful content available on JAAQ’s free platform, the partnership will also help BWT Alpine F1 Team members learn more about their mental health and that of those around them. The goal is to foster positive change within the motorsport community and beyond.

Danny Gray, Founder and CEO of JAAQ: “JAAQ is a free platform with the mission to provide the right information at the right time on all aspects of mental health. Prevention is essential in addressing the global crisis on this societal issue. While a platform is one thing, a brand is another. There is a need for a mental health brand that can act effectively, and that is precisely what we strive to achieve at JAAQ. Through incredible partnerships like the one with BWT Alpine F1 Team, we are creating a brand never seen before in the mental health and sports sectors. A product alone won’t change the world, nor will one person, but a brand could. We are excited about the future, and this is just the beginning. Let’s change the world, one question at a time.”

David Gendry, Commercial Director of BWT Alpine F1 Team and Vice President of Alpine Brand Communications: “The partnership with JAAQ.org is unique. It symbolizes our shared commitment to well-being, and BWT Alpine F1 Team is eager to help JAAQ promote the cause of mental health through the immense reach that Formula 1 offers globally.”

Alpine F1 Partners with JAAQ on Mental Health

Conversations with Esteban Ocon, Pierre Gasly, and Abbi Pulling are now available on JAAQ.org as part of Mental Health Awareness Week and the Emilia-Romagna Formula 1 Grand Prix.

About JAAQ

On a mission to improve the mental well-being of one billion people, British entrepreneur Danny Gray, driven by his own battle with body dysmorphia, launched JAAQ – Just Ask A Question. This new free digital platform dedicated to mental health is changing the world, one question at a time.

JAAQ allows users to connect with world-renowned experts, celebrities, and real people sharing their own stories on a hundred mental health-related topics. To date, JAAQ has answered over one and a half million questions from visitors from more than 143 countries.

Alpine F1 Partners with JAAQ on Mental Health. Alpine F1 Partners with JAAQ on Mental Health

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