Alpine F1 CapEx Investment

Alpine F1 Boosts Growth with FIA CapEx Increase


Following the FIA’s decision, Alpine F1 leveraged a $13 million CapEx budget increase for infrastructure enhancements. Director Bruno Famin highlights the strategic investments in facilities and technology to improve on-track performance.

“We have already made significant investments in our facilities,” Famin stated. “In Viry, we have invested in two new test benches for electric motors, and we are renewing many things.”

“At Enstone, we are investing in a new simulator, and we are investing in accordance with the FIA’s plan as part of the investment cost cap that was voted on a few months ago.”

Famin outlines that the plan is to complete the planned investments in both factories more swiftly, and that the quality of the infrastructure will enhance the quality of the parts produced: “This will allow us to complete these investments in our facilities, and we are not far from having everything renewed.”

“It’s about being able to see the opportunity on track and to be able to work in a much better way in a factory. It’s important to have machines that can develop more quickly, and that’s better for evolution during the season and for the years ahead.”

Alpine F1 CapEx Investment. Alpine F1 CapEx Investment


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