Alpine F1 2024 Strategy

Alpine F1’s Resolve: Rising from 2024’s Rocky Start


Alpine F1 is aware that it’s not entering the 2024 season with the strongest package. The performance and laps completed during winter testing have even placed the French team in a clear regression in the pecking order compared to 2023. Last or second to last on the grid, ahead of Haas F1!

For Bruno Famin, the team director, when discussing the first Grand Prix in Bahrain (taking place on Saturday), there’s no sugarcoating the start of the year, but there’s potential to do much better with the A524, which is a new concept to be developed for Enstone.

“We’re looking forward to the start of the Formula 1 season this weekend in Bahrain. We had three productive days of testing here last week, where we continued to learn and make progress with the A524.”

“We knew it wouldn’t be an easy start to the season. Accepting these challenges is part of Formula 1, and it’s important that we all work very hard to develop the A524 in the coming weeks and months.”

Alpine F1: Unity and Growth Ahead

Famin also assures: “The car has a good base, which we can and will develop throughout the season.”

The Frenchman has worked hard behind the scenes for team unity. A successful gamble, in his opinion.

“I’ve been very pleased to see the cohesion within the team over the past months and weeks to achieve several milestones, the highlight being getting the car on track last week. This hard work will continue so we can keep making progress.”

From the drivers’ perspective, there’s no doubt about the motivation despite concerns raised in the media following the tests.

“I know that Esteban and Pierre are eager and motivated to play their part on the track fully. We look forward to relying on their professionalism and experience.”

“This weekend also marks the return of the Formula 2 and Formula 3 Championships, where we will closely follow the results of Victor Martins and Kush Maini in F2, and those of Gabriele Mini, Sophia Flörsch, and Nikola Tsolov in F3.”

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