AlphaTauri CEO Admits Error

AlphaTauri CEO Admits Mistake in Suspension Choice


AlphaTauri CEO Admits Error: ‘Choosing Our Own Path Was a Mistake’. AlphaTauri CEO Peter Bayer has acknowledged that the decision to take a different path with the suspension for the 2023 Formula 1 season was a ‘mistake’. This revelation emerged during an interview with Motorsport.com, where Bayer reflected on the challenges the team has faced. Technical Director Jody Egginton indicates that the team will adopt a new direction in 2024.

“The initial decision to go our own way with those crucial components was simply a mistake, and the individuals who made that decision are no longer with us,” stated Bayer. With this acknowledgment, he recognized that the team, by deviating from Red Bull Racing’s suspension, had made a strategic misstep. AlphaTauri finished eighth in the constructor’s championship last season.

AlphaTauri’s Strategy to Enhance Synergy

Bayer emphasized that the suspension is particularly crucial under the current regulations, where cars leverage ground effects. “The floor is the most crucial, and then comes the suspension. If these two don’t work together, you might as well not participate,” noted the CEO, underscoring the importance of synergy between these essential elements.

When asked if it was wise to try to outsmart Red Bull, Bayer chuckled and replied, “I think that’s the big learning point for us this year, yes.” Nevertheless, Bayer emphasized the complexity of working with Red Bull parts as a customer team. “You receive a component, but you also have to make that component work, and that is very challenging,” he explained.

Technical Director Jody Egginton added that the team has a new strategy to optimize synergy with Red Bull for the 2024 season. “Next year, we will bring our own rear end, and at the front, we will adopt the Red Bull front suspension from their current car. So, we are one year behind,” he explained.

Egginton acknowledged the difficulty of integrating Red Bull parts but highlighted the positive aspects of this approach. “It has many positive aspects. We are designing and producing a new chassis for next year, so we have the opportunity to incorporate some components,” he said.

Red Bull team Suspension AlphaTauri CEO Admits Mistake in Suspension Choice Red Bull team Suspension AlphaTauri CEO Admits Mistake in Suspension Choice

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