Alonso Rallies Behind Stroll Amid Performance Gaps

Aston Martin F1 Rallies to Secure Lance Stroll’s Future


Fernando Alonso supports Lance Stroll as Aston Martin F1 faces challenges. Their combined efforts aim to leverage their different driving styles to improve overall team performance.

Saving Private Lance Stroll at Aston Martin F1 is a collective effort, and everyone has a role to play in this quest. As we reported this morning, director Mike Krack has confirmed that the Canadian driver is at home in the team and implied that he would be renewed for next year.

Justifying an extension is difficult given the huge gaps between him and Fernando Alonso, whether in terms of points (206 to 74 in 2023, already 24 to 9 this year) or on track. But the Spanish driver himself comes to the aid of his young teammate, ensuring that the gaps are not due to pure speed factors.

“Lance and I try to help the team as much as possible. I think we have two different driving styles under certain conditions, we have two different feelings with the car,” said Alonso.

“I think Lance is much more sensitive to things than I am, which is very important for the team. I think the analysis that Lance can do and that he can convey to the team is crucial for us and for improving the car. I am sometimes a bit insensitive to things, and that is not a good thing.”

Alonso Rallies Behind Stroll Amid Performance Gaps

“We both try to help Aston as much as possible, and I think the direction in which we are developing the car is the same. So, we arrive at the same conclusions, maybe in a different way, and I think these two different styles are a good thing for Aston.”

“I can extract 90% from any car”

Asked about being insensitive behind the wheel, Alonso explains that it is an asset, since it allows him to “drive the car by circumventing the problems. And sometimes, that’s a good thing, because I can drive any car at any time and extract 90% from it.”

“But to reach 100% of the car’s potential, I’m sometimes not able to do it without my teammate’s help on specific details of tuning or balance issues here and there. So, I think we benefit from each other in different ways and that’s a good thing.”

Lance Stroll is hoping for strong performances this weekend, and he is looking for more effective adjustments on the two evolved packages, after a tough Japanese Grand Prix for him: “It was the difference between the cars, since one was working and the other wasn’t, and this time we hope that both will be up to expectations.”

“I’m excited, it’s a circuit I like and we haven’t been here for a long time. It’s a challenge for everyone with just one session, you have to prepare the car and get back into the swing of the circuit, but it’s interesting.”

Asked about his future and being with Aston Martin again in 2025, the Canadian plays for time and reveals nothing: “Time will tell. I’m just thinking about the Chinese Grand Prix and we’ll see what the future holds!”

Alonso Rallies Behind Stroll Amid Performance Gaps. Alonso Rallies Behind Stroll Amid Performance Gaps

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