Alonso Predicts Stable Hierarchy

Alonso Predicts Stable Hierarchy


After just one race into the 2024 Formula 1 season, the pecking order among the teams is already fairly evident.

When asked if the performance hierarchy after the season opener in Bahrain is more or less set, Fernando Alonso agrees that little will change this weekend in Jeddah.

“All winter we said that Red Bull and Ferrari were a bit ahead of the others,” the Aston Martin F1 driver states in Saudi Arabia.

“In Bahrain, that was the case and it seemed to surprise a lot of people. What surprised me, in fact, was that the result in Bahrain could be surprising!”

“The top 5 hierarchy was already more or less clear, with Red Bull slightly ahead, then Ferrari, Mercedes, and McLaren in a group, and us just behind. Then it seems we’ve made a gap over the other five teams behind us.”

“Therefore, we clearly need to look ahead and develop to make progress.”

According to Alonso, few changes are expected in the hierarchy from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia, despite the hopes of many teams.

“The issue is that the cars will not really undergo any changes. The cars will be identical.”

“I know there’s always this desire to talk about elements that could help stop Red Bull’s dominance, but it’s not as simple as that. I hope I’m wrong and I can talk about a good result for Aston Martin on Saturday, but it will be tough.”

“I don’t expect a miraculous change from one circuit to another. I think we will again be the fifth force here.”

Alonso Predicts Stable Hierarchy. Alonso Predicts Stable Hierarchy


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