Alonso Claims Unfair to Compare Aston to Giants

Alonso: Aston Martin F1 a Small Fish in Big Pond


Fernando Alonso stresses that Aston Martin F1, still in its growth phase, cannot be judged against giants like Mercedes and Ferrari.

Aston Martin F1 had high ambitions this year: to confirm that it was on its way to becoming one of the leading teams, similar to McLaren F1. However, the start of the season has been relatively disappointing for the Greens.

Indeed, Aston Martin F1 is only the fifth strongest team on the grid, at best, since RB F1 has regularly threatened this status.

Isn’t Aston Martin F1’s progress immensely disappointing, especially when we see McLaren F1 competing for wins fairly, against Red Bull or Ferrari?

Fernando Alonso doesn’t think so: always very understanding towards his team, the Spaniard reminded that Aston Martin F1, a still young team and heir to a team that was bankrupt (Force India), cannot be compared to McLaren F1, Ferrari, or the like.

“We cannot forget that two years ago, we were a team of 300 people and today, we are a team of 900 people that has changed its name [from Racing Point to Aston Martin F1].”

“It’s a bit unfair for us to compare ourselves to Ferrari or Mercedes, very well-established teams that have had continuity for many years.”

“We are new, yet last year, we saw that we could be as strong as them, and this year, we are also strengthening.”

Fernando Alonso has thus placed his trust in the Aston Martin F1 project, extending his contract for an additional two years. He clearly has the 2026 regulations in sight, when Aston Martin F1 will have Honda as an engine supplier (and thus become a factory team).

“By 2026, especially with the new regulations, we have a chance to be as good as, or even better than the others.”

“I think this team and this project have all the ingredients to succeed.”

“We have the new campus, the wind tunnel by the end of the year, excellent sponsors, and the automotive manufacturer supporting us under the leadership of Lawrence Stroll.”

“It’s an iconic brand in the history of motorsport. We need to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.”

Aston Martin F1 could also continue to strengthen internally. The team has already attracted Dan Fallows, former director of aerodynamics at Red Bull. And some rumours are sending Enrico Cardile (Technical Director of Ferrari) or even Adrian Newey to the Greens…

And Fernando Alonso even teased: apparently, there are some good news on the way for Aston Martin F1. Big news, even?

“We naturally want to improve, and people outside see this project as something very promising for the future.”

“I think the various names that are circulating—people trying to join Aston Martin—are a good sign. It shows that the team is attractive.”

“I hope we will have a good technical team, and especially that we will improve the car in the short term.”

“Our managers and Lawrence must envision the project in two, five, or ten years, but we want a fast car on Sunday, and that’s what we need to focus on.”

Krack confirms, Aston Martin F1 is not yet a very big team

Mike Krack, Fernando Alonso’s boss, echoed his driver’s sentiments. Indeed, for him too, Aston Martin F1 is still a growing team.

In fact, the podiums at the beginning of last year were mainly due to some teams (Mercedes F1, McLaren F1, Ferrari) having missed their car setup at the start of the season.

“We are on the path to becoming a more significant team, a leading team.”

“And I think the comment he [Alonso] made is probably related to last year, we had a lot of good results, but we weren’t ready as a team.”

“We were in a different position. We still had our old factory. Nothing had really changed. We have grown over the last 12 months, and that’s what he is referring to.”

“Unfortunately, the results are not as good as last year, but that’s often circumstantial. Other teams have made more progress than us in comparison.”

“But overall, it seems we are in a better situation, in our way of approaching things, discussing them, making changes.”

“That’s how he feels compared to last year. And yes, it’s something we can build on to move forward, and the results will follow.”

Alonso Claims Unfair to Compare Aston to Giants

Alonso Claims Unfair to Compare Aston to Giants. Alonso Claims Unfair to Compare Aston to Giants

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