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Briatore Eyes Alonso’s Future with Mercedes, Red Bull


As Aston Martin F1 lingers in fifth, Briatore actively seeks Alonso’s future opportunities with Mercedes and Red Bull.

Amidst the shifting sands of F1, Alonso explores new horizons for 2025, with Briatore leading the charge for opportunities.

Flavio Briatore, still overseeing Fernando Alonso’s overall career management, admits he’s already canvassing the paddock for opportunities in 2025.

As Lewis Hamilton exits his Mercedes F1 cockpit at the end of the year, Alonso – with his Aston Martin F1 contract expiring – is not yet ready to recommit to his team for 2025.

Aston Martin’s leaders might now be quite nervous about losing the 42-year-old Spaniard, having failed to rank among the top three or four teams this season.

“The season’s first race confirms there are still four teams ahead of us,” Alonso observes.

“We started as we finished in Abu Dhabi – behind McLaren, Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull.”

Alonso was ecstatic when he qualified 6th in Bahrain, only to drop to 9th in the race, with no chance of keeping pace with those ahead.

“Qualifying didn’t put us in a real situation. During the race, we saw the reality.”

“I think I was 18 seconds behind the McLarens and the Stake 28 seconds behind me. Once you see you can’t beat those in front of you, you must accept that you’re missing those three or four tenths.”

Alonso’s 2025 F1 Quest

However, he hasn’t given up hope for progress, admitting that “it’s now up to us to take the kind of action that McLaren took in the middle of last year.”

“Last year, we started very strong and then we couldn’t keep up with the development pace of the big teams. Now, I think the base we have will allow us to improve race by race.”

“But for now, I think the forces are similar to last year, except our team finished the year a bit worse than we started. Ferrari is more or less where it was, Red Bull ahead, as last year.”

“Mercedes has improved this year, McLaren is always good – they were the second force in several races. Let’s see if we can be one of those surprises, now.”

If Aston Martin fails, a seat at Mercedes could be a significant step forward for Alonso in 2025.

“First, I must decide if I want to continue my F1 career. Of course, the current forces and opportunities will also help decide for the short term. I’m not 20 anymore and can’t wait 3 or 5 years for a new project to materialize. For now, I’m in the middle of the Aston project.”

Alonso’s Strategic F1 Maneuver

To start sniffing out Alonso’s “opportunities” for 2025, the familiar face of Flavio Briatore was a notable figure in the Bahrain paddock.

“We are working and looking for the best future option for Fernando,” confirms the Italian, who was seen meeting Toto Wolff (Mercedes F1) and also Christian Horner (Red Bull).

Indeed, if an earthquake were to separate Max Verstappen from Red Bull and send the Dutchman to Mercedes, following the ongoing Horner affair and the clear stance of his father for Horner’s departure, Alonso would be a great option for Red Bull.

Alonso 2025 F1 Opportunities. Alonso 2025 F1 Opportunities

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