Albon's Frustration at Aussie GP FW46's Pace Woes

Albon’s Frustration at Aussie GP: FW46’s Pace Woes


Alex Albon narrowly missed scoring points at the Australian GP, expressing his frustration with the FW46’s lack of pace and tire issues.

Alex Albon finished just outside the points in the Australian Grand Prix. The Williams F1 driver expressed frustration, revealing that the FW46 lacked pace and struggled with tire management.

“I’m somewhat disappointed; I don’t think we had the pace to match the group we were in, so we opted for an earlier stop to stay in the fight, aiming for fresher tires to close the gap, but it cost us towards the end of the race. It’s frustrating; we experienced graining and couldn’t maintain the speed of the others,” Albon noted.

“Whenever I tried to match the pace of the cars around me, I faced graining. When I had the chance to run my own race, I was still three and a half tenths off the right pace. We suffered a lot from graining and struggled with the car throughout, so understanding why is crucial.”

He lamented that RB F1 and Haas were able to score points: “With three drivers from the top teams retiring, it’s frustrating that we couldn’t capitalize on that, and our rivals did, but it shows our pace wasn’t fast enough to earn points.”

“Perhaps a complete change in setup could have made a difference, and if I had done long runs in FP2, we might have gained some insights, but today was my first time driving with fuel. It was okay, our main issue was pace.”

“It was a challenging weekend for us at Williams, but we managed quite well and remained united as a team. Everyone worked incredibly hard, so I can only thank them for their relentless effort and dedication.”

“And, of course, I want to thank Logan for being a true team player. Honestly, I’m quite pleased with my performance given the circumstances, but we hope to compete higher up in Japan.”

Albon’s Frustration at Aussie GP: FW46’s Pace Woes. Albon’s Frustration at Aussie GP: FW46’s Pace Woes


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