Albon Linked to Mercedes Post-Hamilton

Albon Tipped for Mercedes Seat in 2025 F1 Shake-Up


Alex Albon‘s impressive performances have sparked speculation about his potential move to Mercedes in 2025, stirring the F1 community.

Williams F1 driver Alex Albon says it’s “reassuring” to be part of speculation on who will succeed Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes in 2025.

The Thai driver’s strong results have placed him high on the list of potential candidates, alongside Esteban Ocon, Carlos Sainz, Fernando Alonso, and Mick Schumacher, to name the most obvious.

Speaking at the launch of the Williams FW46 in New York, Albon however puts things into perspective.

“It’s true that the transfer market, the silly season as it’s called, has moved very, very early compared to normal and people already have their baseline in place.”

“It’s great to be mentioned as one of the favorites. In a way, knowing there are discussions gives confidence, but at the end of the day, you do your own job.”

Albon emphasized that his focus is entirely on succeeding this season with Williams and not getting distracted.

“All eyes are really on this year and at this point, I’m looking forward to seeing where we are. We have everything in place now to have a good car. When you break everything down, all that really matters is your performance. That’s what will attract teams to a driver or not. So, whatever happens, you have to give it your all.”

Vowles reminds he also has a contract for 2025!

His boss, with a smile, reminds the media (and Albon?) that he has a contract for 2025 as well.

“Alex is signed with Williams until the end of 2025, it’s signed! It’s not something I’ve talked about publicly, because I didn’t feel the need. So, all the rumors you see, and there’s one in particular, are, at best, individual speculation.”

“As I’ve also said, our job at Williams is to create a new environment that deserves someone of Alex’s caliber. It’s as simple as that. He’s an incredible driver who deserves his place at the front. He and I have good discussions about the direction we want to take.”

“We want to continue our journey together in this team for a long time. We have to earn that right. It’s not the fruit of imagination. We have to show the world we’re not the Williams of old, and we’re not looking back, we’re continuously moving forward.”

Albon was then asked again considering this “ongoing contract with Williams” parameter.

“Time will tell. I’m focused on 2024, let’s keep it that way, the real goal is to make sure we progress for 2025, that’s really where I am at. In reality, I want to be with the team. If the team is where I want it to be, it will be a long-term contract. We’ll go all the way or nothing. That’s my mindset.”

Vowles didn’t say whether he’d be willing to release Albon if a deal was struck, stressing he would prioritize the team’s interests.

“Would I stand in his way? I have the responsibility of Williams on my shoulders, that’s the most important thing to me. It’s not a responsibility towards an individual, in this case, Alex, it’s a responsibility towards the team.”

“So, if a decision has to go that way, it’s because I’m very clear in my mind that I’ve made decisions that are correct for the team’s long-term goals and not for the short term.”

Albon Linked to Mercedes Post-Hamilton for 2025 Role. Albon Linked to Mercedes Post-Hamilton for 2025 Role

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