Schedule of the 2024 F1 British Grand Prix

Schedule of the 2024 F1 British Grand Prix


The 2024 British Grand Prix sets the stage for another potential showdown between Max Verstappen and Lando Norris following their recent on-track clash.

The 2024 F1 season reaches its midpoint this weekend with the British Grand Prix as the 12th round of the year. Following this, 12 races remain in what is the longest season in history.

Silverstone circuit is a favourite among drivers, and the enthusiasm of the British fans is always a resounding success. George Russell heads into the race as the victor following his win in Austria, and alongside Lando Norris, Lewis Hamilton, Alex Albon, and Ollie Bearman, who will drive in EL1, is set to be a fan favourite.

The Track

Silverstone stands as one of the legendary circuits on the F1 calendar. Spanning 5,891 meters, the track is fast, rhythmic, and very physical. A well-balanced car is crucial to handle the long straights and rapid directional changes that drivers face in roughly a minute and a half.

Turn 1 – A right-hander taken at over 280 km/h setting up for a quick left before turn 3, a relatively slow tight curve.

Turn 4 – Turn 4 leads into turn 5, a hook opening onto Wellington Straight, presenting prime overtaking opportunities with DRS.

Turn 7 – Minimising understeer at Luffield is vital to swiftly navigate the straight leading to Copse then the sequence between Becketts and Stowe.

Turn 9 – A true test of nerves, Copse is approached almost flat out, making it one of the most formidable corners of the season, and the scene of the 2021 crash between Hamilton and Verstappen.

Turn 14 – A good balance of the car is crucial in the Becketts sequence. The entry is made at over 300 km/h before easing off the accelerator through the series of turns.

Turn 16 – At nearly 100 km/h, Vale is one of the slowest curves on the circuit before the final right of Club leading onto the pit straight.


Max Verstappen made a significant impact in qualifying in Austria, but in the race, his Red Bull was less effective when empty, as had been the case in previous races against Lando Norris’s McLaren.

The battle between the two is expected to resume, especially since McLaren was very close to Verstappen in 2023, bringing updates that were the basis of the current concept. Norris even led for the early part of the race.

Behind them, Mercedes is one to watch as the team brings an upgrade, having already closed the gap to Red Bull and McLaren. Ferrari will introduce new elements to complete the current package, potentially aiding the Scuderia.

The field will be tight again, likely featuring Alpine, Haas, and RB F1 in close competition. Aston Martin is expected to lag, as will Williams and Stake F1.

British Grand Prix Schedule

Friday5th July12:30-13:30Free Practice 1
16:00-17:00Free Practice 2
Saturday6th July11:30-12:30Free Practice 3
Sunday7th July15:00-17:00Race

British Grand Prix Winners

2023SilverstoneMax VerstappenRed BullHonda
2022SilverstoneCarlos SainzFerrariFerrari
2021SilverstoneLewis HamiltonMercedesMercedes
2020Silverstone (70e Anniversaire)Max VerstappenRed BullHonda
2020SilverstoneLewis HamiltonMercedesMercedes
2019SilverstoneLewis HamiltonMercedesMercedes
2018SilverstoneSebastian VettelFerrariFerrari
2017SilverstoneLewis HamiltonMercedesMercedes
2016SilverstoneLewis HamiltonMercedesMercedes
2015SilverstoneLewis HamiltonMercedesMercedes
2014SilverstoneLewis HamiltonMercedesMercedes
2013SilverstoneNico RosbergMercedesMercedes
2012SilverstoneMark WebberRed BullRenault
2011SilverstoneFernando AlonsoFerrariFerrari
2010SilverstoneMark WebberRed BullRenault
2009SilverstoneSebastian VettelRed BullRenault
2008SilverstoneLewis HamiltonMcLarenMercedes
2007SilverstoneKimi RäikkönenFerrariFerrari
2006SilverstoneFernando AlonsoRenaultRenault
2005SilverstoneJuan Pablo MontoyaMcLarenMercedes
2004SilverstoneMichael SchumacherFerrariFerrari
2003SilverstoneRubens BarrichelloFerrariFerrari
2002SilverstoneMichael SchumacherFerrariFerrari
2001SilverstoneMika HäkkinenMcLarenMercedes
2000SilverstoneDavid CoulthardMcLarenMercedes
1999SilverstoneDavid CoulthardMcLarenMercedes
1998SilverstoneMichael SchumacherFerrariFerrari
1997SilverstoneJacques VilleneuveWilliamsRenault
1996SilverstoneJacques VilleneuveWilliamsRenault
1995SilverstoneJohnny HerbertBenettonRenault
1994SilverstoneDamon HillWilliamsRenault
1993SilverstoneAlain ProstWilliamsRenault
1992SilverstoneNigel MansellWilliamsRenault
1991SilverstoneNigel MansellWilliamsRenault
1990SilverstoneAlain ProstFerrariFerrari
1989SilverstoneAlain ProstMcLarenHonda
1988SilverstoneAyrton SennaMcLarenHonda
1987SilverstoneNigel MansellWilliamsHonda
1986Brands HatchNigel MansellWilliamsHonda
1985SilverstoneAlain ProstMcLarenTAG
1984Brands HatchNiki LaudaMcLarenTAG
1983SilverstoneAlain ProstRenaultRenault
1982Brands HatchNiki LaudaMcLarenFord
1981SilverstoneJohn WatsonMcLarenFord
1980Brands HatchAlan JonesWilliamsFord
1979SilverstoneClay RegazzoniWilliamsFord
1978Brands HatchCarlos ReutemannFerrariFerrari
1977SilverstoneJames HuntMcLarenFord
1976Brands HatchNiki LaudaFerrariFerrari
1975SilverstoneEmerson FittipaldiMcLarenFord
1974Brands HatchJody ScheckterTyrrellFord
1973SilverstonePeter RevsonMcLarenFord
1972Brands HatchEmerson FittipaldiLotusFord
1971SilverstoneJackie StewartTyrrellFord
1970Brands HatchJochen RindtLotusFord
1969SilverstoneJackie StewartMatraFord
1968Brands HatchJoseph SiffertLotusFord
1967SilverstoneJim ClarkLotusFord
1966Brands HatchJack BrabhamBrabhamRepco
1965SilverstoneJim ClarkLotusClimax
1964Brands HatchJim ClarkLotusClimax
1963SilverstoneJim ClarkLotusClimax
1962AintreeJim ClarkLotusClimax
1961AintreeWolfgang von TripsFerrariFerrari
1960SilverstoneJack BrabhamCooperClimax
1959AintreeJack BrabhamCooperClimax
1958SilverstonePeter CollinsFerrariFerrari
1957AintreeStirling Moss / Tony BrooksVanwallVanwall
1956SilverstoneJuan Manuel FangioFerrariFerrari
1955AintreeStirling MossMercedesMercedes
1954SilverstoneJosé Froilán GonzálezFerrariFerrari
1953SilverstoneAlberto AscariFerrariFerrari
1952SilverstoneAlberto AscariFerrariFerrari
1951SilverstoneJosé Froilán GonzálezFerrariFerrari
1950SilverstoneGiuseppe FarinaAlfa RomeoAlfa Romeo

2024 British GP: Verstappen-Norris Clash Redux?. 2024 British GP: Verstappen-Norris Clash Redux?


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