Schedule of the 2024 Austrian F1 Grand Prix

Schedule of the 2024 Austrian F1 Grand Prix


Explore what’s in store at the 2024 Austrian F1 Grand Prix, where a closely contested Sprint awaits.

Following China and Miami, F1 will experience its third Sprint of the season in Austria this weekend. On one of the shortest circuits of the season, the gaps will inevitably be very tight, and surprises in the hierarchy are to be expected.

Indeed, any mistake or poor adjustment will cost teams and drivers a few tenths that could make the difference between being eliminated in Q1 and advancing to Q3, and between racing at the back of the grid and finishing in the top 10.

With the hierarchy hanging on fine details, teams will undoubtedly be pleased to rely on the suspension of Parc Fermé status between the Sprint and the qualifiers for the race.

The Track

It is not the shortest circuit of the season, nor the fastest, but it is completed in the shortest time. Last year, Valtteri Bottas clinched pole position in 1’03″130, averaging nearly 247 km/h, making it one of the fastest circuits.

It is just over 4 kilometers long and includes only 8 turns, which is also a record for the season. After the start straight, a fourth gear turn leads onto a curved straight that is largely full throttle, before a hairpin that leads onto another straight.

These three straights will again have a DRS zone this season, and each zone will also have its own detection point. After a new second gear turn, there is a double left-hander, and a long left-right that brings drivers back towards the last two curves, which are unique in having reverse camber.

If the first of the two curves is slightly curved outward, the second curves inward, allowing a very fast entry into the pit straight.

The Contenders

Max Verstappen and Red Bull are always comfortable in Austria, and the Dutchman will inevitably be among the favourites this weekend. However, both he and Sergio Pérez should be cautious, as Red Bull has recently had problems setting up its car at the start of the weekend, which can be costly during the Sprint.

McLaren F1 will once again be contending for top positions, on a circuit where the team introduced its first major upgrade in 2023, enabling Lando Norris to achieve his first top 5 of the season. With the progress of the MCL38, Austria could suit him well.

Behind them, Mercedes and Ferrari will certainly be lurking, while the group of other teams, where Alpine has made significant progress and Aston Martin and RB F1 are struggling, will certainly be very tight.

Austrian F1 Grand Prix Schedule

As last year, Austria will host a format with a Sprint. On Friday, a free practice session will precede the Sprint Shootout, while Saturday will feature the Sprint and the qualifiers for Sunday’s race.

  • Friday, June 28

12:30-13:30: Free Practice
16:30-17:14: Sprint Qualifying

  • Saturday, June 29

12:00-13:00: Sprint
16:00-17:00: Qualifications

  • Sunday, June 30

15:00-17:00: Race

Austrian and Styrian Grand Prix Winners

1963ZeltwegJack BrabhamBrabham-Climax
1964ZeltwegLorenzo BandiniFerrari
1970ÖsterreichringJacky IckxFerrari
1971ÖsterreichringJoseph SiffertBRM
1972ÖsterreichringEmerson FittipaldiLotus-Ford
1973ÖsterreichringRonnie PetersonLotus-Ford
1974ÖsterreichringCarlos ReutemannBrabham-Ford
1975ÖsterreichringVittorio BrambillaMarch-Ford
1976ÖsterreichringJohn WatsonPenske-Ford
1977ÖsterreichringAlan JonesShadow-Ford
1978ÖsterreichringRonnie PetersonLotus-Ford
1979ÖsterreichringAlan JonesWilliams-Ford
1980ÖsterreichringJean-Pierre JabouilleRenault
1981ÖsterreichringJacques LaffiteLigier-Matra
1982ÖsterreichringElio De AngelisLotus-Ford
1983ÖsterreichringAlain ProstRenault
1984ÖsterreichringNiki LaudaMcLaren-TAG
1985ÖsterreichringAlain ProstMcLaren-TAG
1986ÖsterreichringAlain ProstMcLaren-TAG
1987ÖsterreichringNigel MansellWilliams-Honda
1997A1-RingJacques VilleneuveWilliams-Renault
1998A1-RingMika HäkkinenMcLaren-Mercedes
1999A1-RingEddie IrvineFerrari
2000A1-RingMika HäkkinenMcLaren-Mercedes
2001A1-RingDavid CoulthardMcLaren-Mercedes
2002A1-RingMichael SchumacherFerrari
2003A1-RingMichael SchumacherFerrari
2014Red Bull RingNico RosbergMercedes
2015Red Bull RingNico RosbergMercedes
2016Red Bull RingLewis HamiltonMercedes
2017Red Bull RingValtteri BottasMercedes
2018Red Bull RingMax VerstappenRed Bull-Renault
2019Red Bull RingMax VerstappenRed Bull-Honda
2020Red Bull RingValtteri BottasMercedes
2020Red Bull Ring (Styrie)Lewis HamiltonMercedes
2021Red Bull Ring (Styrie)Max VerstappenRed Bull-Honda
2021Red Bull RingMax VerstappenRed Bull-Honda
2022Red Bull RingCharles LeclercFerrari
2023Red Bull RingMax VerstappenRed Bull-Honda
Schedule of the 2024 Austrian F1 Grand Prix

2024 Austrian F1 Grand Prix: Tight Race Expected 2024 Austrian F1 Grand Prix: Tight Race Expected

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