Guanyu Zhou’s Journey in Formula 1: A Rising Star’s Career

Zhou Guanyu (simplified Chinese: pinyin: Zhōu Guànyǔ), born on May 30, 1999, in Shanghai, is a Chinese racing driver and former member of the Renault Sport Academy. In 2022, he secured a full-time position with the Alfa Romeo Racing team, partnering with Valtteri Bottas. This milestone marked Zhou as the first Chinese driver to compete in the Formula 1 World Championship. Making an impactful debut, he earned a point by finishing tenth in the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix. Zhou continues to drive for the Alfa Romeo Racing team in the 2023 season, with plans confirmed for the 2024 season as well.

Guanyu Zhou F1 career

Guanyu Zhou Joins Alfa Romeo Racing for Historic 2022 F1 Season

On November 16, 2021, Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen officially signed Guanyu Zhou alongside Valtteri Bottas for the 2022 Formula 1 season. Team principal Fred Vasseur expressed pleasure, welcoming Zhou and acknowledging his talent. He’s highly skilled, evident from his F2 results, and the team looks forward to nurturing his Formula 1 talent. Taking pride in the 2022 driver lineup, they are confident Zhou will establish a highly successful partnership with Valtteri Bottas.

We look forward to welcoming new Chinese fans to the team. Alfa Romeo Racing, a historic brand in Formula 1, is committed to making the sport an unforgettable experience in China.

Remarkable F1 Debut and Contract Extension

Despite an impressive Formula 1 debut, earning a point in his first race, finishing tenth in the Bahrain Grand Prix, Zhou faced a setback on July 3, 2022. During the British Grand Prix, his car flipped spectacularly at the start, coming to rest near spectators. Remarkably, the halo likely saved his life; the roll hoop of his Alfa Romeo C42 didn’t withstand the impact, prompting an investigation. Additionally, the incident, coupled with scrutiny of the Silverstone circuit’s new layout’s first turn, underwent inquiry. Despite these challenges, Zhou courageously extended his contract for the 2023 season.

Guanyu Zhou F1 career Guanyu Zhou F1 career

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