Zhou Urges Clarity on Future Amid F1 Dynamics

Zhou Urges Clarity on Future Amid F1 Dynamics


Amid evolving team dynamics at Stake F1, Guanyu Zhou presses for clarity on his future as he navigates shifting relationships and the pressures of potential new team entries.

Guanyu Zhou reveals that as the situation at Stake F1 evolves, so does the dynamic between him and Valtteri Bottas. Both are up for contract renewals, while Nico Hülkenberg is set to join the team in 2025, and Carlos Sainz might also come aboard.

“Of course, there’s always competition in the team; you want to be the best, that’s clear, for your future career—and I think it’s the same for everyone,” Zhou explained on the Beyond the Grid podcast.

“But what I mean for him is that he’s always there, sharing information so we can step up together, try to improve as a team, enhance our package in every way.”

“And certainly, let’s say, the first year compared to now, it’s a bit more intense… we’re always fighting a bit more on the track. So we’re still doing what’s necessary, and the one who performs best can finish first.”

“We’re always working as a team, and I think this year, for all the drivers on the grid with expiring contracts, everyone wants to show their own potential.”

“Everyone wants to give their best, whatever the reason for their career. We want to outdo each other, we want to be the best in our team, but we are still team players in the same way.”

One-Year Contracts Are “Hard to Manage”

Despite a dimming future at Sauber, Zhou would like a definitive answer for 2025: “I really prefer to be settled and know what I’ll be doing for the next few years so I can fully commit to the program, to the upcoming project, with any team.”

“I know that as a rookie in Formula 1, it’s not like it was 10 years ago when a new driver entering Formula 1 would always have a longer contract of two or three years. Now, it’s like the team wants individual contracts, to see if you are performing.”

“I feel like one-year contracts are mentally challenging to manage because you want to minimize your mistakes, but at the same time, you want to show the team your passion and progression as a driver.”

“So that’s where the problem lies. Because during the summer, in September, you are not yet sure about your contract, they can give you one you can sign… that’s where things become very tricky for drivers.”

Zhou Urges Clarity on Future Amid F1 Dynamics

Zhou Urges Clarity on Future Amid F1 Dynamics. Zhou Urges Clarity on Future Amid F1 Dynamics

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