Yuki Tsunoda Targets Maturity for F1 Top Seat

Yuki Tsunoda Targets Maturity for F1 Top Seat


At 23, Yuki Tsunoda aims to demonstrate the maturity required for a premier Formula 1 position, emphasizing self-control and focus.

The Japanese driver has been with Red Bull’s second F1 team for four seasons, yet he has always been criticized for his lack of self-control on the radio. Dr. Helmut Marko has noted improvement in this area but does not yet see him as worthy of a Red Bull seat, particularly due to his pace in races.

“I don’t shout as much on the radio anymore,” he said before his Grand Prix at Suzuka this weekend.

“I didn’t think shouting was making me lose focus, but in Bahrain, I felt I overdid it, so I consciously started trying to improve my concentration more professionally. I started to think I had to do this, to show that I am growing as a driver.”

“I want to grow even more, become a top driver, and aim for the championship, so I keep this in mind when I press the radio button. It has become like that.”

“In the last two races, I felt I was able to suppress my natural emotions without having to press the radio button, and I was happy about it.”

“By suppressing my emotions, I calmed down more quickly. I was also able to maintain my focus.”

Tsunoda added that even if he wasn’t speaking on the team radio, he was still stressed.

“Obviously, continuing to suppress my emotions is difficult, but that’s what I’m aiming for and what I need to succeed at. But it’s not easy, obviously, because even with my helmet on, I was biting my tongue like mad.”

“I didn’t know that not using the radio would take so much energy. More than what I use for neck or G-force, to hold back my stress.”

“I’m sure it will take longer to become natural. But at least for the first time, I probably managed it in Melbourne, and I’m sure I can continue like this and that this stress will go away.”

Tsunoda also made a revelation. Driving an F1 is almost more a job than a pleasure for him!

“I’m not sure I’ve completely fallen in love with F1 to be honest! I love driving. I mean, it’s F1, right? Speed, nice hospitality, a nice atmosphere. I like the team, I like that it’s also kind of a team effort. F1 looks like an individual sport but it’s actually a team effort. That’s maybe why this category is perhaps more a job than a pleasure.”

However, Tsunoda’s most immediate stress is related to the weather forecast for the Japanese GP.

“The forecast indicates that the weather won’t be very nice, so I’m worried, yes. I wish we could perform in front of our fans, do all the trials, and the Grand Prix without any scheduling delays or cancellations.”

Yuki Tsunoda Targets Maturity for F1 Top Seat

Yuki Tsunoda Targets Maturity for F1 Top Seat. Yuki Tsunoda Targets Maturity for F1 Top Seat

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