Wurz FIA Liberty Tension

Wurz Voices Concern Over FIA and Liberty Media Rift


Alex Wurz highlights the escalating tension between the FIA and Liberty Media. As GPDA president, he emphasizes the need for dialogue and cooperation to preserve the future and integrity of Formula 1 racing.

Alex Wurz expresses concerns about escalating tensions between Liberty Media and the FIA. The former F1 driver, still president of their association, the GPDA, has never previously sensed such a potential rift between the two organizations overseeing the Formula 1 World Championship.

“In my capacity within the GPDA, I’ve never encountered such tensions,” he stated. “However, it’s crucial for all involved parties to act in the best possible manner for the sport and its future. Differences of opinion are acceptable, even beneficial, provided that we engage in dialogue and maintain mutual respect.”

“Ultimately, the FIA is the regulator and governing body, and the FOM holds the commercial rights. I believe that roles and boundaries don’t need to be redrawn but that the grey areas between the two require dialogue and respect to advance the sport.”

Wurz believes it’s vital for the federation and Formula 1 to move beyond these tensions and the rumors they spawn: “There’s always something people are talking about in our sport, especially now with so many debates ongoing, but the sport is in an excellent state.”

“As I mentioned earlier, it’s important that we act together. The FIA, the teams, Formula 1, the promoters, and the drivers. Let’s not listen to the noise, let’s focus on the sport.”


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