Wolff Does Not Deny Upcoming Meeting with Verstappen

Wolff Hints at Imminent Summit with Verstappen’s Team


Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff is reportedly gearing up for a pivotal meeting with Max Verstappen’s team, awaiting crucial decisions.

Is Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff set to meet with Jos Verstappen and his manager, Raymond Vermeulen, before Imola?

Wolff is evaluating options to replace Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes next season and has publicly stated that Verstappen is his top target.

The Dutchman is contracted with Red Bull until 2028, but turmoil within Red Bull since the start of this season could see him leave, as he has repeatedly stated he also wants an environment that suits him.

Information emerged before the Miami Grand Prix that Wolff, Ola Kallenius, and Jim Ratcliffe were to have discussions with Verstappen’s camp this week.

However, when asked just after the Miami race if these rumors were true, Wolff smiled without firmly denying them.

“I can’t comment too much. What I can say is that there is no meeting scheduled for tomorrow already (the Monday after the race).”

“There are always a lot of meetings. I really can’t talk about the second driver. I think we have already talked about the possibilities, you know I’m waiting on Max’s decision.”

“We want to take our time and see where Max’s thoughts go while keeping an eye on other drivers.”

“Red Bull is still very strong and that’s why we are a bit in observation mode right now.”

When asked if Verstappen constitutes the essential piece of the puzzle for the driver market to unlock, Wolff replied, “I think he is for all teams. Everything is in his hands.”

“He’s the lead driver. He’s the best at the moment and that’s why it’s up to him to make the decision. With his status, he holds his future in his hands.”

“There may be no decision to make. Maybe everything will continue as before. We’ll see.”

In this case, is he at least waiting for a firm and definitive no from the Verstappens to move on to another track? No comment to that question…

Wolff Does Not Deny Upcoming Meeting with Verstappen Camp

Wolff Does Not Deny Upcoming Meeting with Verstappen Camp. Wolff Does Not Deny Upcoming Meeting with Verstappen Camp

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