Wolff Declares F1 Title Decided Horner Disagrees

Wolff Declares F1 Title Decided; Horner Disagrees


Toto Wolff believes the F1 championship is Max Verstappen’s already, but Christian Horner sees many races and chances ahead.

For Toto Wolff, this year’s Formula 1 World Championship is practically decided already. “No one can catch up to Max Verstappen now,” asserted the Mercedes F1 team boss after the race.

However, Christian Horner, the director of Red Bull Racing, is less definitive on the matter, highlighting that there are still many races left to run.

Wolff pointed out that Verstappen, along with his RB20, is “simply spectacular.”

Horner agrees on this point, even if the Brit believes it’s too early to discount the competition’s chances.

“It’s very early to write off your year, there are still 20 races left, but I’ve learned not to listen too closely to what Toto says over the years.”

“But yes, Max is in great form; he changed his trainer this winter, he’s fit, he’s lean. And the car is in a sweet spot, and you can see the capability he has in the car. He wants to know, not just who’s behind him, but who’s even further back as well.”

Moreover, according to Horner, Verstappen has become even better at managing his tires.

“He’s become very shrewd in tire management, and the way he’s been able to extend the life of the tires is very impressive. We saw it during the first stint and the second stint. He did a very good job. He’s got a very wise head on still very young shoulders.”

For Dr. Helmut Marko, there was nothing to criticize about Red Bull’s race weekend in Japan.

“There’s virtually nothing to criticize. Everything was perfect until the last lap. The pit stops were also incredible.”

When asked if rival teams should already congratulate Red Bull for the world title, Marko doesn’t want to hear of it.

“Please, leave me out of this! We’ve only done four races, and there are still 20 to go. In Melbourne, we saw how quickly things can change. The Ferraris are solid and reliable; we can’t write them off yet.”

“Toto is at least right about Max: his words have always mirrored mine. We have a good car, but again, Max makes the difference. Everything was clear in Suzuka, where Max posted an incredibly fast lap with worn tires. Not for fun, but to send a message: ‘Hello, you’re just here for second place!'”

It’s worth noting a disagreement between Max Verstappen and his engineer Gianpiero Lambiase. Verstappen had requested an adjustment to his front wing. Lambiase thought it wouldn’t be the best option, but the Dutchman insisted.

During the race, the Red Bull driver then complained of moving from understeer to oversteer and the need to adjust the front wing setting. Lambiase responded, “I won’t say ‘I told you so,’ but…” Subsequently, Verstappen acknowledged his mistake.

Marko prefers to smile about it.

“They’ve given us the old married couple routine again. Before that, they had a long discussion about the number of clicks needed to change the front wing. Max stood his ground, prompting Gianpiero to highlight how right he was in the end!”

Wolff Declares F1 Title Decided Horner Disagrees

Wolff Declares F1 Title Decided Horner Disagrees. Wolff Declares F1 Title Decided Horner Disagrees

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