Vowles Eyes Sainz for Williams F1 Revival Bid

Sainz Touted as Key to Williams F1’s Future


James Vowles, Williams F1 head, hints at signing Carlos Sainz, seeing him as crucial for the team’s ambitious turnaround.

Vowles is a highly sought-after figure in the Montreal paddock as the head of Williams F1, reportedly close to signing an unexpected driver from just a few weeks ago: Carlos Sainz.

What can the Briton in Canada tell us? Has he signed? Is he on the list? What’s the situation?

“Well, first of all, I think Carlos is an exceptional driver. He’s a race-winning driver. And I think any team would be privileged to have him in their organization. But beyond that, there’s nothing more to say at the moment. Yeah, nothing more than that.”

He then jokes about the timing of the announcement of Alex Albon’s teammate: weeks or months?

“Definitely, 100% by December, I can tell you!”

More seriously, Vowles explains why Sainz is interested in Williams F1.

“Why Williams? There’s a reason I’m here. Williams isn’t the same Williams it was three years ago. And the fact that we’re even talking to Carlos shows that we’ve changed our approach.”

“We want two world-class drivers to be part of our team in the future. We want the world to realize that we’re here and we’re serious. We’re investing what’s necessary to get back to the forefront.”

Vowles, who took the helm of Williams at the start of 2023, is convinced that his team can be competitive when new regulations are introduced in 2026, with expectations heightened by great hopes for the Mercedes engine they will use.

“In 2026, we will have one of the best power units, if not the best power unit, that will equip our car. We’ll announce it soon, I hope, but about 30 incredible people from other teams have joined our organization and have been brought together over the last 12 months.”

“The world is changing and someone like Carlos would be very important in this regard, in terms of a global vision of our situation. Of course, the difference is that he has the choice to come here or not, and it’s up to him to do so.”

Regarding how well he thinks his attempts to persuade Sainz to join Williams are going, Vowles said: “It’s hard to say. I think he can see all the strengths. I think it’s easy for me to say because I’m Williams and I wear the jersey, but I think it’s an easy decision to come here. But it’s up to him to make it.”

Alongside him, Andrea Stella, director of McLaren F1, praised the Spaniard after working with him at McLaren. What are his greatest strengths as a driver? What would a team gain by obtaining Carlos Sainz?

“Carlos is an interesting driver, I have to say, not only for the qualities that James recalled and that led him to become a race winner, but in particular, I would emphasize that he is very rational.”

“He knows how to create a plan in his head about the fastest way to do a lap, to run the fastest. He adds a lot of rationality to his instinct. And the important thing is that when you have this rational elaboration, it is also easy to communicate.”

“And that then becomes a major asset for the team because what he processes, what he sees as an opportunity or what he sees as a problem, becomes very clear for the team. It’s very well communicated and we can do something with that. For us, he has definitely been one of the main variables in the good development of the team in recent years.”

James Vowles then adds to conclude: “all this sounds excellent, doesn’t it?”

Vowles Eyes Sainz for Williams F1 Revival Bid

Vowles Eyes Sainz for Williams F1 Revival Bid. Vowles Eyes Sainz for Williams F1 Revival Bid

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