Vettel Quashes F1 Comeback Rumors Amid Porsche Test

Vettel Quashes F1 Comeback Rumors Amid Porsche Test


Sebastian Vettel, the retired F1 champion, dismisses the buzz about his return to racing, despite his recent Porsche hypercar test.

The retired four-time world champion conducted a highly publicized test this week with Porsche’s factory hypercar and is closely linked to the German brand’s third car at Le Mans in June.

“There’s a lot happening right now,” Vettel concedes, “both on and off the track. But Formula 1 is still not in the cards for me at the moment.”

Vettel, aged 36, admitted that his trial with Porsche was “quite fun,” and he continues to respond with “never say never” when asked about a potential return to racing.

“However, it was never my intention to stop and then restart, whether in F1 or elsewhere. But there are opportunities, that’s for sure, otherwise I wouldn’t have accepted this test,” says the German.

One reason Vettel is hesitant about returning to the pinnacle of motorsport – not to mention the apex of motorsport, Formula 1 – is his young family.

“Yes, sometimes one of the little ones will say ‘dad, don’t do that’ or ‘You would be away so much again’. I’ve really enjoyed the time spent with the kids since stopping F1. Maybe the mood will change again, but for now, things are still very good in my head regarding this decision.”

Intriguingly, Vettel reveals he has spoken with Toto Wolff since Lewis Hamilton announced his move to Ferrari next year.

“We spoke on the phone, and of course, we also talked about the fact that a lot is happening at Mercedes. But we didn’t specifically talk about me taking a role.”

“I’m still in touch with people I know directly or indirectly from so many years or who have been part of the F1 big circus.”

“But we haven’t specifically talked about what the future might hold for us.”

Vettel Quashes F1 Comeback Rumors Amid Porsche Test. Vettel Quashes F1 Comeback Rumors Amid Porsche Test


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