Vettel Critique F1 Netflix Series

Vettel Critique F1 Netflix Series


Sebastian Vettel shares his and Max Verstappen’s skepticism towards Netflix’s ‘Drive to Survive’, questioning its realism.

Much like Max Verstappen, Sebastian Vettel is far from being a fan of the Netflix series ‘Drive to Survive’.

Sebastian Vettel also did not directly appear in the series’ first season – since Ferrari, his team in 2019, had opted not to participate. They changed their mind, of course, seeing the series’ success.

When asked if his children have seen him in the series, Sebastian Vettel echoes similar criticisms of Netflix: the series is entertaining but not realistic.

“I myself have only watched one episode, when the series first came out.”

“I found it a bit odd because it was so unrealistic.”

“However, I understand that it brought a lot of attention and a new audience to motorsport. You can’t do that with hours of explanations on how to tune a suspension.”

“With Netflix, viewers feel they’re getting more insight, especially because there’s more drama.”

“But when I want to know more about current Formula 1, I don’t reach for the remote, but my phone.”

Gallagher Critiques Netflix’s F1 Portrayal Amid Red Bull Reign

A devastating Red Bull dominance for the sport?

Mark Gallagher, former Cosworth boss turned sports business consultant, also recently criticized the Netflix program: for example, he says, the latest season suggests 2023 was a competitive year, while Red Bull won every race except Singapore’s…

“In my view, the series is a 10-part TV advertisement for Formula 1.”

“It has democratized Formula 1, attracted fans fascinated by these 10 teams and 20 drivers – but then you go to a real race and Max Verstappen wins and Red Bull completely dominates.”

“So you have a sport that has presented itself as having a closely matched grid… but in fact, the sporting/entertainment side is the technical meritocracy we all know so well.”

Gallagher is mostly concerned for current F1: Red Bull’s dominance isn’t good for viewership…

“2023 was quite devastating for Formula 1. Brilliant for Red Bull, but devastating for the sport.”

“And suddenly, the records we talked about regarding McLaren, who won 15 out of 16 races in 1988, have been completely shattered.”

“The next step is keeping the fans who have been recently attracted to F1, then turning them into die-hards. That’s the next step and it’s a challenge.”

F1’s Growing Popularity Faces Loyalty Test Among Fans

“Some commentators – even in America – have mentioned that Formula 1 has been on the rise, but now there’s a threat because the hardcore fans, those who truly understand Formula 1 and have followed it for years and years, will stay loyal come what may.”

“However, the more transient fans who may have appeared over the last two years might suddenly start to find Formula 1 not engaging enough. They won’t be compelled to watch all the races and travel to Miami, Austin, Las Vegas, and buy tickets.”

Vettel Critique F1 Netflix Series

Vettel Critique F1 Netflix Series. Vettel Critique F1 Netflix Series


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