Verstappen's Mercedes Contract Approved,

Verstappen’s Mercedes Contract Approved, Awaits Sign


Mercedes F1 has approved Max Verstappen’s contract and salary, positioning it for immediate signing should the opportunity arise, signaling potential major shifts in the team dynamics.

Fernando Alonso has triggered a first domino in the F1 transfer market, but by deciding to stay at Aston Martin, the cascade effect might not yet be the one expected to have other signatures announced quickly.

Meanwhile, as we revealed to you on Tuesday evening, the existence of a pre-agreement (written or oral) between Mercedes F1 and Verstappen seems to be confirming.

Toto Wolff makes no secret of it: Mercedes F1 has set its sights on Max Verstappen. The Dutchman’s contract would even be ready, and if the three-time world champion accepts it, he will earn more than Lewis Hamilton.

This is confirmed by our German colleagues at Auto Motor und Sport.

Wolff has already indicated that he is ready to wait for Verstappen. If the time has come for the three-time world champion to change, the Dutchman’s potential salary has already been approved internally and by the board of directors of Mercedes.

It remains to be seen how the power struggles at Red Bull between the Austrian and Thai factions will evolve, and what Max Verstappen will ultimately do. Verstappen had clearly stated that he had no reason to leave as long as certain key people (notably Helmut Marko) remained in place.

But what if this is no longer the case? Can he accommodate it? The 2026 rules will certainly play a role and if he has noted concerns about the Red Bull Powertrains – Ford project, the Mercedes F1 option, a major dominator of the early hybrid era, could be lucrative.

Verstappen's Mercedes Contract Approved, Awaits Sign

Verstappen’s Mercedes Contract Approved, Awaits Sign. Verstappen’s Mercedes Contract Approved, Awaits Sign

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