Verstappen's Flawless Victory at Japanese GP

Verstappen’s Flawless Victory at Japanese GP


Max Verstappen clinched his third win of the season at the Japanese Grand Prix, showcasing unmatched skill and strategy throughout the race.

Max Verstappen masterfully managed both starts of the day, ensuring an uncontested run at the Japanese Grand Prix. The Dutch driver clinched his third victory of the season, the 57th of his career, after a race he perfectly controlled.

“It went very well. It was crucial to maintain the lead at the start, and the car improved throughout the race. I think it was somewhat related to the returning clouds. But everything went very smoothly, including the pit stops, so it couldn’t have been better,” Verstappen stated.

“We had a slight setback at the last race, but it’s fantastic to return to the top here. The fans are amazing, and it’s also home to Honda, so winning here is incredible.”

The three-time F1 World Champion anticipates a busy weekend in China in 15 days with the season’s first Sprint: “It’s going to be intense, as it always is with the Sprint. And we haven’t been there in a long time, so it’ll be a matter of readjusting, which will be interesting.”

A “lack of balance” proves costly for Pérez

Meanwhile, Red Bull secured a one-two finish thanks to Sergio Pérez’s second place, who made no mistakes and delivered solidly for his team. It also marked a double victory for Honda, a point the Mexican highlighted over the radio after crossing the finish line.

“It was a good weekend for the team; it’s always challenging to keep focused when there are two starts like that,” Pérez remarked. “My second set of tyres was better, but it wasn’t enough to catch up with Max.”

“We paid the price for a lack of balance in the first stint, meaning we couldn’t stay in the right window. I suffered an undercut from Lando and had to push too hard on the medium tyres. But the pace returned with the hard tyres.”

He is pleased to note his improvement from 2023: “We’re building good momentum. If you recall, last year this was my worst weekend, and if we’re fast here, we can be fast everywhere else, so it was a good weekend.”

Verstappen’s Flawless Victory at Japanese GP. Verstappen’s Flawless Victory at Japanese GP

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