Verstappen's Dominance Sparks Concerns for F1 Future

Verstappen’s Dominance Sparks Concerns for F1 Future


The Canadian GP boss warns that Max Verstappen’s dominance could lead to a lack of interest among casual fans, potentially harming the sport’s long-term appeal and diversity.

Max Verstappen’s current domination of Formula 1 is “somewhat dangerous” for the sport.

This is the concern of François Dumontier, the promoter of the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal.

Lando Norris and McLaren may have won in Miami, but even during the same race weekend, three-time world champion Max Verstappen clinched the sprint race and both qualifying sessions.

“In the long run, there is a disinterest among average race fans. Unless you are a die-hard Verstappen fan,” Dumontier told the Journal de Montréal during a visit to the Miami GP.

“How many fans say today that they watched the start and then went to mow the lawn before coming back to watch the end of the race?”

“For the sport, it’s somewhat dangerous.”

“We must acknowledge that Max is good. He has incredible calm and is an excellent driver who makes very few mistakes. He also drives a very good F1 car. I’m not sure a driver at the back of the pack could do the same in this well-tuned car by the engineers.”

However, Dumontier insisted that even with the current predictability, the Canadian GP continues to thrive.

“We have good crowds and good fans of Formula 1 and its teams. Even in years when no Canadian driver was competing in F1, the Grand Prix remained popular.”

Verstappen's Dominance Sparks Concerns for F1 Future

Verstappen’s Dominance Sparks Concerns for F1 Future. Verstappen’s Dominance Sparks Concerns for F1 Future

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