Jos Horne 's Thai Support Stays Impact on Marko Max

Jos: Horner’s Thai Support Stays, Impact on Marko/Max


Jos Verstappen predicts Christian Horner will stay as Red Bull’s team principal, amidst internal conflict and public controversy.

Shortly after the Bahrain Grand Prix, Verstappen launched an attack on Horner and insisted that the team would be torn apart and ultimately implode if he remained in position.

These remarks come after Horner was cleared following an investigation into allegations made against him by an employee. The employee in question has since been suspended by Red Bull.

Absent from the Grand Prix in Jeddah due to a rally in Belgium, speaking to the Daily Mail, Verstappen said, “I sympathize with this woman, with everything she has gone through, but we will see what happens.”

Max Verstappen’s father admits that the situation is becoming difficult, and he revisited the heated exchange he had with Horner in Bahrain.

“It was earlier, Friday, before the race. He was telling me ‘Do you trust me? I will do everything for your son’ and we were talking with our hands, we did not fight.”

“But on Friday, we argued in his office, and I walked out, but after the finish, he came to me and said ‘Congratulations, good race.'”

“At the press conference Horner gave the other day, it was all about him and his issues when we should be talking about Max, the car, his performance, and the race.”

“I have already said that I think it would cause problems if he stays. I think it’s too late for Christian to say ‘leave me alone.'”

“He has the support of the Thai owner, so I think he will stay for the rest of the season.”

What will happen? Will Marko and his son leave?

“I said it would be bad if Horner stayed, it’s really not good for the team, this whole situation.”

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