Verstappen Steers Clear of Red Bull's Horner Saga

Verstappen Steers Clear of Red Bull’s Horner Saga


Amid ongoing investigations and rumors about Christian Horner’s future with Red Bull, Max Verstappen focuses on his primary role as a driver, aiming to stay clear of distractions.

Max Verstappen has attempted to refrain from discussing the matters surrounding Christian Horner, the team principal of Red Bull, as the topic continues to dominate conversations in the Australian GP paddock. Rumors suggest the Brit might be promoted within Red Bull in Austria, granting him full authority, a move with potentially significant consequences (details here).

The investigation into Horner has been ongoing for nearly two months, and Verstappen has been addressing questions on the matter since it began.

As the team’s most public figure and primary media spokesperson, it’s unsurprising that Verstappen has frequently discussed Horner’s future and the implications of his potential departure for the team.

The Dutchman now appears weary, reminding everyone that his primary role is to drive the car.

“I still don’t want to be too involved in these kinds of issues,” he stated to the media in Melbourne.

“After all, I am the driver, and I am here for the performance aspect of things. That’s what I’m hired for.”

“From what I understand, everything has been handled correctly. I won’t delve into details on that front because I don’t have further information, and I don’t want it, as it’s not my job or my role within the team.”

When asked whether it’s become more challenging to focus on racing, Verstappen feels he can still block out the noise.

“I shut off and open up easily; anyway, I don’t really think about F1 once I leave the paddock.”

“I know what I need to do, but I also know there are so many races in the year. It’s vital to go home, think about other things, stay busy, and work on other projects.”

“I have a lot of passion, and I think each driver is a bit different, but for me, with everything that has happened, it’s very easy to get back in the car and perform without disruption.”

“Getting in the car is peaceful. There are so many great people in the garage that it has never changed. Everyone has remained focused in the same way, and you can see the results we’ve achieved as a team.”

Verstappen Steers Clear of Red Bull’s Horner Saga. Verstappen Steers Clear of Red Bull’s Horner Saga


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