Verstappen Slams FIA's Super License Requirements

Verstappen Slams FIA’s Super License Requirements


Max Verstappen publicly criticizes the FIA’s super license system, questioning its effectiveness and fairness.

Recent speculation suggests Williams is interested in borrowing Andrea Kimi Antonelli from Mercedes F1, but they would need a waiver from the FIA to do so before the end of August.

Indeed, Antonelli is only 17 years old and thus not yet eligible for a super license under the rules. Max Verstappen, the first (and so far the last) to make his Formula 1 debut at this age, is not a fan of the rule created for this purpose.

Antonelli skipped Formula 3 and went directly from Formula 4 to F2. He is considered a major up-and-coming talent. Even though Lewis Hamilton’s seat will be vacant next year due to his move to Ferrari, Mercedes believes it is too soon to place the Italian in its car.

Instead, Antonelli might be temporarily trained at Williams, in which case Logan Sargeant would need to leave. It is now known that a waiver has been requested for Antonelli.

“This rule was introduced because of me, of course,” Verstappen stated.

“In the end, it doesn’t prevent what it’s supposed to.”

“It’s not specifically about Kimi, but it can prevent some talents from entering Formula 1 quickly because they first need to accumulate these 40 points.”

“I’m not a big fan of this system overall. The FIA thinks it’s good, but I would prefer not to have it.”

“If someone is 17 or 18 and maybe has 20 points, but if they are very fast, why can’t they enter Formula 1?”

Verstappen Slams FIA's Super License Requirements

Verstappen Slams FIA’s Super License Requirements. Verstappen Slams FIA’s Super License Requirements

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