Verstappen Skips Final Lap Scramble in Testing

Verstappen Skips Final Lap Scramble in Testing


In the concluding winter testing day, Verstappen didn’t chase the fastest lap, diverging from the norm. The Red Bull team’s strategy focused on understanding their car’s long-run performance, setting a constructive tone.

A slight letdown for all F1 enthusiasts following the final day of winter testing: there was no last-minute scramble for the fastest lap time, with Max Verstappen not pursuing the mark set by Carlos Sainz yesterday, nor the more modest one by Charles Leclerc today.

The Red Bull driver stands by the decision made with his team.

“Overall, it was a very good day today. We focused on long runs to get a better understanding of the car, and it was encouraging to see that the car’s performance was very good under those conditions.”

“We made a plan not to focus on outright lap time and tried different compounds, so I’m happy with the laps we managed today.”

“As we head into the first race weekend, it’s about fine-tuning the car and also seeing what the race throws at you when you push the car to its limits. We now need to look a bit more at the data and try to come up with a plan for the upcoming week.”

“We’ve had a really positive test and learned a lot from everything we’ve changed, so we’re looking forward to next week.”

For Sergio Perez, who was driving this morning, “it’s been a good start to the year for the team; we’ve covered a lot of kilometers over the past few days.”

Red Bull Optimistic After Winter Testing

“The testing program we’ve put in place was very good and allowed us to really make the most of our days.”

“It’s now time to look forward to next weekend’s race; I’m feeling good in the car, to be confirmed once we get racing, but the feelings are very positive.”

Gianpiero Lambiase, head of race engineering, summarizes the three days of testing for Red Bull Racing.

“Today was about fine-tuning the details from the previous two days of running and giving the drivers and their race teams some freedom on the specifics ahead of next week.”

“While the start of the year has been broadly positive, the hard work is just beginning as we now have a much clearer understanding of the RB20 and the areas that need to be addressed to push development forward.”

“We’ll be looking to make the most of the few days we have at Milton Keynes before returning for what will hopefully be an exciting season opener.”

Verstappen Skips Final Lap Scramble in Testing. Verstappen Skips Final Lap Scramble in Testing f1 2024.


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