Verstappen Rival Teams Challenge

Verstappen Calls for F1 Rival Teams to Step Up in 2024


Max Verstappen emphasizes the need for a competitive 2024 F1 season, urging rival teams to challenge Red Bull’s dominance and enhance the sport’s entertainment value.

Max Verstappen has argued that an entertaining Formula 1 season in 2024 doesn’t solely hinge on Red Bull, stating that it’s also up to the competition to catch up with his team.

Red Bull has dominated the sport since the return of ground effect F1 cars in 2022, with the reigning world champions winning all but one race last season.

Verstappen is credited with 19 of those wins, including a record streak of 10 consecutive victories from Miami to Monza, en route to a third consecutive championship, achieved effortlessly, even against his teammate, Sergio Perez.

“As I said at the launch of the new F1, I believe that our goal isn’t to break records, it’s simply to deliver another highly competitive car.”

“And from my side, of course, I’ll try to do my best. But it depends on a lot of things coming together, doesn’t it? I guess only time will tell how fast we are.”

“People around us are learning more and more. It’s not always up to us to determine the quality of the season. Because if you have a more natural competition with different teams, it becomes even harder to win races.”

Verstappen Welcomes More F1 Competition

Asked whether he would be open to more competition this season, Verstappen replied, “Yes and no, I like winning races, of course, as we did last year, but I think for the sport as a whole, of course, you want more teams at the front.”

“We’ve had some decent races, but yes, naturally, if you keep the same regulations for a while, then everyone gets a bit closer.”

With stable regulations, Christian Horner, Red Bull team principal, predicted that several cars this season would look a lot like the RB19 from 2023.

Verstappen agrees with Horner’s remarks on the grid’s convergence but also expects several teams haven’t shown their full potential yet.

“It’s of course hard to say how competitive everyone will be. I think you see a slight trend among the teams, how everything is designed a bit more precisely, but there are also some interesting little elements, related to the front wing (at Mercedes).”

“But again, the teams launching their car don’t show everything, so we have to wait and see until Bahrain to really see the good F1s and start looking at each other’s solutions. I’m certain we’ll see several very interesting ones from others.”

Verstappen Rival Teams Challenge. Verstappen Rival Teams Challenge


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