Verstappen Rival Tactics to Unsettle Red Bull Typical

Verstappen: Rival Tactics to Unsettle Red Bull Typical


Max Verstappen remarks on the usual Formula 1 strategies by rivals aiming to destabilize Red Bull amidst their championship defense.

Max Verstappen believes that Red Bull’s rivals are attempting to destabilize the team, but he says that it’s “typical of Formula 1.”

Red Bull heads into the 2024 Formula 1 season seeking a fourth consecutive title for the Dutch driver, as well as a third successive constructors’ championship.

They start the new season with a highly competitive Red Bull R20 but also under a significant cloud, with Christian Horner being investigated for alleged improper conduct, Ferrari looking to lure Adrian Newey or Pierre Waché behind the scenes, and Zak Brown calling for an end to the collaboration between the two Red Bull teams.

These are headlines the team could do without as they prepare to defend their world titles.

“It’s a constant tactic, always used. It’s not just applicable to this story (with Christian Horner), but it has always been the case and is typical of Formula 1. These things are 100% typical of F1.”

Verstappen Acknowledges Red Bull’s Recruitment Tactics

He openly admits that Red Bull would do the same if the situations were reversed, particularly in terms of recruiting staff.

“Yes, you’re always trying to draw your own advantage from something and you’re always trying to entice people from other teams. It makes sense.”

As for Ferrari’s attempt to once again recruit Newey (or Waché if they can’t sign him), Verstappen doesn’t deny it and says it’s part of the F1 game.

“Things like this happen all the time. But we do it too. We now also have our own engine program, and for that, we are also bringing in people from other teams. It’s and always will be a thing in Formula 1.”

“Does it make me doubt? No. It’s not something that makes me think ‘oh crap, what’s going on here.’ No, it’s actually very standard in Formula 1.”

Verstappen revealed that he had spoken with the engineers in question, jokingly saying, “Absolutely, so I told them ‘you have to stay, I know where you live (laughs)’.”

Verstappen: Rival Tactics to Unsettle Red Bull Typical. Verstappen: Rival Tactics to Unsettle Red Bull Typical


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