Verstappen Mourns Honda's Shift to Aston Martin

Verstappen Mourns Honda’s Shift to Aston Martin


Max Verstappen reflects on Honda’s impending move to Aston Martin in 2026, highlighting a cherished partnership’s end.

Last year, Max Verstappen already lamented the fact that Honda was set to join a rival team, Aston Martin F1, starting from 2026.

However, Red Bull Racing had no other choice: the Red Bull Powertrains program had already been initiated when the Japanese manufacturer decided to make a U-turn and officially return to F1 as a factory engine supplier.

In Suzuka, the Dutch driver acknowledged his special relationship with Honda when asked how this relationship was different from the previous one with Renault.

“Honestly, it’s as if our relationship has always been really very good. And of course, you know, there are moments you never forget,” the triple world champion explained.

“For me, seeing the joy on everyone’s faces on the first podium, after a few difficult years for me, was really special. And then, of course, the first victory. Yeah, it’s just all those moments you’ve experienced, you know to whom you owe them. And the first championship, I will always remember.”

“But it’s also, you know, the very brilliant people you work with as well. And their culture. You have a lot of respect for the way the Japanese approach things. And yes, it’s been really very nice to be able to work with them.”

“Of course, at some point, our relationship in terms of working with the team will end, but that doesn’t mean we’re already looking to 2026. I mean, there’s a lot more to do together still, and for sure I will always be a big fan of Honda, with a lot of good memories.”

“As for the other engine manufacturers, I mean, they are all excellent in their own way but, of course, I think I now have a bit more history with Honda.”

Verstappen Mourns Honda's Shift to Aston Martin

Verstappen Mourns Honda’s Shift to Aston Martin. Verstappen Mourns Honda’s Shift to Aston Martin

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