Verstappen in 2024 Sprints

Verstappen Skeptical But Sees Logic in 2024 Sprints


Despite skepticism, Max Verstappen finds the 2024 F1 Sprint format more logical, offering a structured approach to racing.

Max Verstappen remains not a huge fan of the Sprint format in F1, yet the Red Bull driver believes that the 2024 iteration of Sprints, placing the Sprint Qualifying on Friday evening, the Sprint on Saturday morning, and the qualifiers for the race on Saturday afternoon, makes more sense.

“I think it’s a bit more logical, I would say, with the way the format is structured,” Verstappen commented. “For me, I’m not any more excited about winning a Sprint or fighting in these kinds of races, but yes, it’s somewhat more logical, I would say.”

He welcomes the decision to relax Parc Fermé conditions after the Sprint for the teams: “Yes, I think it’s a bit better. Sometimes you’re stuck and you know your weekend is ruined; you really can’t change anything. So for sure, it’s going to help us a bit.”

Verstappen Critiques F1 Sprint Changes

The triple world champion expresses frustration over the issues brought by Sprints, while reminding that changing the sports regulations and weekend formats isn’t a necessity: “These things really only happen during a Sprint weekend, when everything is so rushed between the first day and the qualifications.”

“Why do we need to try to invent something? I think our product works, if you just make sure the cars are competitive and the rules stay the same for a long time, why do we always need to invent new things?”

“It almost seems like madness to want to invent something. Just leave things as they are. In football, they don’t change the rules, nor do they in other sports. It’s been like that for 100 years.”

“Why do we suddenly need to invent other things to try to make the competition entertaining? I think if you have a good race, with cars close to each other, you don’t need a format or a Sprint weekend.”

Verstappen Skeptical But Sees Logic in 2024 Sprints. Verstappen Skeptical But Sees Logic in 2024 Sprints


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