Verstappen Frustrated by Perez's Contact at Start

Verstappen Frustrated by Perez’s Contact at Start


During the Miami GP start, Verstappen experienced frustration as Perez’s maneuver left a notable scratch on his diffuser.

Max Verstappen stated that his teammate, Sergio Perez, caused minor damage to his Red Bull at the start of the Miami Grand Prix.

From pole position, Verstappen led into turn 1, but starting from fourth on the grid, Perez went deep, braking much too late. He narrowly missed taking out Verstappen’s Red Bull.

After the race, footage shown to Verstappen confirmed his concerns: his diffuser was slightly scraped, and Perez had indeed made contact at the start, which was frustrating for him.

“It was very tight and could have ended badly. I wasn’t sure, but I felt a slight jolt and asked to review the footage after the finishing protocol. And indeed, Checo did hit me!”

“I got a scratch on my diffuser. Honestly, I don’t understand his move. I’m a bit annoyed now. He braked 50 meters later than everyone else, but fortunately, nothing more serious happened.”

At the first turn of the Miami GP, what happened was quite straightforward. Checo Perez didn’t manage a great start and wanted to make up places at the first corner. Unfortunately, he braked late and lacked a precise reference point.

It was more of a scare than harm done, and it was a race where he could have avoided this mistake, especially after his strong performance in China; he should have played it safe rather than attempting such desperate moves.

In this maneuver, he almost collided with Charles Leclerc and his teammate Max Verstappen.

Verstappen Frustrated by Perez's Contact at Start

Verstappen Frustrated by Perez’s Contact at Start.

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